Wednesday, February 22, 2006

I Love Surprises!

Sorry for the long posting hiatus but we went to Oregon. It was supposed to be a surprise but in the end everyone knew I think except for Ryan's dad. I will have LOTS of pics to post soon, but the only one I had on our camera was of me and my new haircut holding LilyAnah. We had a haircutting party with Wendy on Sunday afternoon and all got new do's. Carrie and Wendy had enough to donate to Locks of Love but I did not. It's the shortest I have ever had it and I like it straight or curly. Now I just have to figure out who will cut it in OKC from now on so it will remain cute!

We really didn't do much except sit around and watch the babies. But that's ok bc I have the most adorable neice and nephews in the world! George has grown so much and he is such a little man. He shakes hands with the elderly at church and loves to lead singing. He knew who Ryan and I were when he saw us and he loves to go around the room randomly and take inventory of the people by saying, "Hello Mama, hello Katie, hello KC, hello legos." (so cute!) Hopefully I will somehow be able to post the video we took of him leading singing. Violet is going to be a movie star bc she is quite the entertainer. She has the cutest laugh I've ever heard a baby have, and she knows how to keep an audience with silly faces. And Nolan has the biggest smile and the funniest oral fixations. Seeing my inlaws was fun of course too, but we all know it's about the babies! And number 4 Hazel will be on the way in June. Today's question will be have you ever had a bad haircut? I have when I was little just bc she cut it a lot shorter than I wanted. And possibly Ryan's haircut he gave me was bad bc Meagan (the girl who cut my hair) was laughing at it once she straightened it up enough to even it out. Oh well I still love him....and my new hair too! P.S. check out the new blog links I have posted to the left. Erin started a Nanny Diaries one and the Craigs have one now too.


April said...

Yes, Katie, you saw me with my bad haricut. I tried to keep silent as much as I could, but it was way too short for me to do much to it. I will not do that again.

Rachel said...

Your haricut looks cute! I'm glad you had so much fun! I can't remember a bad haircut. Have a great day, love ya!

Mom I said...

Your haircut is so cute. Of course you'ld be cute bald cause you're just one of those kinds of people. (We're glad you're not bald of course). My worst haircut was in 1997 just before we left for Branson and I got it cut really really short. I don't know what I was thinking. Oh well, at least hair grows back and you can start all over again. Love ya,

Anonymous said...

Bad hair day? What is that??? I vaguely remember having hair. Some people just think I have a really wide part.

Uncle "Pete" (KC)

Monique said...

I love your haircut!
The only time I remember having a bad haircut was when Leigh and I were little and decided to cut each other's hair and our dolls!

Kira said...

I love your hair cut. I have had a ton of bad hair cuts - I get a little crazy w/ my hair at times.

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