Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Make this movie!

Today, while being ever so productive at work, I ran across an article on the Popular Science website that was rather I found to be rather interesting. You can read the article by clicking on the title of this post. The whole time I was reading it I kept thinking how great of a movie it would make. So basically all I'm posting this for is to a) help spread the news about it so all of you who read this blog can pass it along to your important hollywood executive friends and b) so that when it is made into a movie you can say, "hey...thats that story I read about on Katie and Ryan's blog."

This post is courtesy of one of Katie's blogging certificates she recieved for christmas, so to make sure she gets her full values worth (and to earn some Valentines Day points) I just like let everyone know that Katie is a wonderful wife. She is always trying to be domestic, she always tries to entertain me and she never lets me forget that she loves me, and for that I would just like to say out here in front of every one that I love her too. I love her more and more everyday because I find more things to appreciate about her the more I get to know her. It is clear to me that she has an overwhelming desire to be the best wife she can, and I just wanted to let her know her efforts have not gone unnoticed...I love you Katie.

Happy Valentine's Day everone!


Monique said...

Ryan, that was so sweet!
I know Katie loved those wonderful comments.

Sally said...

Ryan!! So sweet! I love Katie Too! And it sounds like you are a good husband as well!

ktsdad said...

My daughter has excellent taste in men! Just don't think she could have found anyone more perfect for her than you, Ryan!

The wife said...

I hope everyone knew as soon as they saw the line "..I read an article in Popular Science..." that it wasn't me who was posting :) Thanks for the sweet things you said husband. --Wifey

April said...

Aaahhh, Ryan, that was one of the most sweetest things I have ever read. Katie, how lucky you are to have such a man like that. His mom deserves a great deal of credit. Happy Valentine's Day!

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