Sunday, February 26, 2006

My Biological Parents

For the longest time growing up I tried to convince myself that I was adopted. I just had to be bc I wasn't an anal retentive perfectionist like the other people in my immediate family. However as the years went by and I could see family resemblances and as my parents got out the slide projector to show me slides of me in the hospital (hey that could've been another baby for all I know) I decided I should come to the conclusion that my dreams of being adopted weren't true.

Last night I watched a documentary on VH1 about a famous rapper who found out when he was like 30 that he was adopted. The hour long special was about him trying to find his birth mother. He went through therapy and group therapy bc he had a really hard time with his feelings. He just wanted his biological mother to meet him and not feel guilty and know that he turned out very well, so she obviosuly did a good thing (and once she finds out he's a millionaire rap mogul she probably won't feel guilty at all!) Anyway it was a very interesting documentary and in the end he did get to meet her, and she was thrilled to meet him. Today's question is if you were adopted would you ever want meet your biological family? I think if my adopted family wasn't opposed to it and my biological parents wanted to meet me, then I would. They wouldn't by any means replace my adopted family, but they did kinda play a huge part in my being so I would want to thank them and let them know that I did all right. Anyway the truth is I am not adopted but I am pretty sure that Lil' Debbie and Larry are proud that I turned out all right.

(For the record those aren't my parents in the pic.....or are they? Just kidding)


US Weekly said...

For the record, I am adopted and I don't want to meet my biological parents. They weren't apart of my life and I try to think that it was pretty painful to give me up for adoption, I think it would be painful to see me now. I'm not opposed to it for other people, I had a friend that met his biological parents and they had to have an interpretor because Koreans don't speak English. My parents adopted me when I was 2 months old....and they are my parents no matter what people may say.

I've had people tell me that my name from my biological parents is the brand name of a Korean soy sause, so maybe they are billionares now. However, my feelings have not changed.

April said...

I think if I was adopted I would want to meet my family to see how they turned out themselves. Plus allow them to see what I have done with my life in return. It's funny how you still say you are adopted. I believe every family has one person who is totally different to bring plenty of excitment to the room.

Anonymous said...

I can attest to the FACT that those are not this blog owner's parents. But I was VERY nervous that I was going to see my "big" sister's picture smack on this very popular website. Oh, how I am glad that did not happen!

As for finding one's biological parent(s), that is dependent on the situation.

Uncle "Pete" (KC)

Kira said...

I am adopted & yeah I would not mind meeting by birth parents. But it would be a REALLY slim chance that would happen - so I do not think about it much.

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