Friday, February 03, 2006


Not a literal one but as in a rollercoaster of emotions. We are in Branson right now because of Gpa I. He suffered a serious stroke and had a seizure. Yesterday he was in a coma and the prognosis was not good. The whole family came in and was not given very hopeful news. Today, however, he is awake and making progress. The doctors are all amazed. Gpa is opening is eyes, made small movements, and has muttered a few words. Now the prognosis is to start speech therapy and physical therapy to see if he can improve even more. For some reason no brain damage was even shown on the MRI and they aren't sure why. He is getting a feeding tube soon and is having is regular dialysis today. Keep praying for him and the family.

On a funnier note, the doctor was having a serious family meeting with all of us today and kept saying the word "infarct," but we heard it as "infart", and since we are all so mature some people started laughing out loud. I did not, so you do not have to scold me mother. I laughed on the inside though.


Ryan's Cousin said...

Katie's mom...I would like to say that Katie was too busy worrying about cleaning the kitchen that she did not laugh at 'infart'

April said...

Katie, I am so sorry to hear the news, and amazed at the miracle. I will definetly keep Gpa in my prayers.

US Weekly said...

6 more days!

I'm glad to hear your Gpa is doing better.

Kira said...

I did laugh at infarct - especially since it has a t at the end! Other people were thinking worse things about the word than just laughing. Even the "older" generation. I do not think we ever grow up.

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