Sunday, February 12, 2006

Super Suppers!

On Thursday I went to a Super Suppers party with other girls in my Bible class. It's a place where you make 6-12 different meals to take home and freeze. They have the stations and recipes already there for you and you just put the meals together. I made pork medallions in a cherry sauce (which we had for lunch today-yum!) Honey ginger chicken, Stuffed braided bread, Pasta Fagioli,Lasagna, and Heavenly chicken. We will probably get 2 to 3 meals out of each dish. It's a neat idea especailly if you don't like to cook. This weekend we also rented 2 movies: The Constant Gardener and Murderball. Both were very good. The first is about a British diplomat who is trying to figure out the mystery behind his wife's brutal murder. The second is a documentary about the USA olympic quadraplegic rugby team and it gives you a closer look into the lives of people that we consider disabled....but to them they wouldn't have it any other way. I recommend both...but there is language in both. Today's questions are have you ever been to a place like Super Suppers and have you seen either one of those movies?

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April said...

In NY, a lady through a get together at her house where we each made just one dish and exchanged recipes. I guess you can say it is similar. We also judged on who made the best dish.

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