Wednesday, February 01, 2006

We'll see where this takes us

I'm sitting down with nothing planned out to say so we'll see where this takes us. I'm glad a lot of you finally commented on the last one--I was starting to think no one was saving--then Dave Ramsey would be correct. The Bachelor was good on Monday night but I wished he hadn't picked Moana. It was sad for the other girls to talk about her but she's a little sketchy. Last night we went to a Bible study for our class. We will be discussing Elijah. A have a friend who is a missionary in India and he works with a children's home and Ryan and I have decided to sponser one of the kids. We trust him more than Sally Struthers. Ryan's birthday is in 17 days! I was a little sad that Walk the Line didn't receive a best picture nominee for the Oscars but at least Reese and Joaquin did. I watched the State of the Union last night. I like it when everyone stands and applauds and Bush gets this silly grin on his face. I'm a little tired of hearing about the two ABC correspondants who got injured in Iraq or wherever they were. I mean it's nice to let us know how they are but they are getting tons of press and no one ever reports on individual soldiers who are actually fighting over there, not just reporting the news. Don't get me wrong I understand they are brave for reporting news "from the field," but I think our soldiers deserve the press more than them. I'm sorry if you like a new paragraph when a new subject begins--I don't, but even I feel this entry has jumped around a bit too much. Today's question is have you googled yourself and found anything? If I google just my maiden name I get pictures of people in my family. There is a musician with the same name as me. I google other people I know and sometimes find interesting things. If you are wondering who the picture is, he's a potter from Biloxi named George Ohr. I learned about him on Antiques Roadshow. He grew his handle bar mustache down to his knees. Happy Hump Day!


kira said...

I googled & found that I was on there for my church web site.

April said...

I google about people who are on A&E crime stories. I try to find out what they are up to now.

Rachel said...

I've found me on the church website beofre. That's cool that yall will be sponsoring somebody. I agree I did like the Bachelor on Monday. I'm just glad that Tara is gone. Have a great rest of the ya!

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