Monday, February 13, 2006

A Wishlist

I wish….
I wish I had longer legs
I wish I liked to cook when I come home from work
I wish I liked driving
I wish I could have a pet that would never die
I wish there weren’t rude people
I wish I could find a mystery in my home
I wish I weren’t paranoid
I wish I could’ve met Audrey Hepburn
I wish I read the Bible more
I wish I could think of something I should be on Oprah for
I wish it didn’t make my brain hurt to budget
I wish I would make the bed everyday
I wish my husband had opinions
I wish humans could teleport
I wish my metabolism didn’t slow down
I wish I had a personal stylist and hair stylist
I wish my eyelashes look like they do with mascara on them
I wish people didn’t argue about senseless things
I wish we had Tivo
I wish there was a tree that money grew on
I wish I would invite the man over to our house that I wave at every day
I wish women didn’t have to go through labor pains
I wish my cuticles were prettier
I wish I would exercise and like it
I wish I had a therapist
I wish the strange reader from Atlanta would reveal their identity
I wish I could write a beautiful novel
I wish people weren’t so selfish
I wish people would appreciate imperfections in others
I wish war would stop
I wish I always had good things to post about
I wish I had an immune system
I wish I liked salads
I wish people wouldn’t look at me weird for not liking them
I wish I knew someone in the mafia
I wish my future children will have curly hair and blue eyes
I wish I had a larger vocabulary
I wish I had a collection of something
I wish I could sew
I wish I owned the perfect little black dress
I wish light bulbs never went out
I wish I never lost things
I wish I could take a year off and travel the world for free
I wish I could walk in tall heels
I wish everyone could still be as happy as I am without getting all their wishes on their lists.

What are your wishes?


kmom said...

Wow! What a list! I liked the last item. It seems to indicate that overall you are happy. One of my wishes is for my daughters and son to be happy. Love ya!

Lor K said...

I have been wishing for years that I could think of something to go on Oprah for too!! Maybe we can come up with a reason together. =)
I also wish I could eat anything I wanted and it wouldn't affect my weight.
I wish my house could remodel itself (for free)

I'm not telling you my name said...

I WISH for you two to have a baby. hahaha :)

April said...

I wish for a stable and strong life with and for my children. To have the money to send them off to college without worrying about how I am going to live while they are getting an education. I wish I was not getting a divorce. Those are my little wishes. My wishes for Katie: I wish for her and Ryan to have a healthy relationship with beautiful children. Oh wait, that will happen anyway :). I wish for everyone to be rich.

AmyLynn said...

haha no katie, that wasnt me, someone beat me to it!!! but yes, i agree! Baby Isenberg YESSSS!

FATSO said...

Henry and Olivia do not need to make appearances any time soon because you need to enjoy life as is for a good long while.

Seymour is almost 11. I don't like thinking about it. I guess you would probably not come home if something were to happen. :(

Rachel said...

Well I agree w/ alot of yours. But I wish I could be less shy around people and take more risks. Also I wish all my family lived super close to me. Have a wonderful you!

Monique said...

I wish you lived closer.
I wish that my grandma had not had a stroke.
I wish to feel like I did as a child- no worry in the world

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