Friday, March 10, 2006

The Brick Testament

I thought I would share this website since I find it very amusing. This website tells Bible stories through scenes built entirely from legos. You can click here to go to it. There are different books of the Bible listed, and then within those books the creator of the site has done many different stories. It's very amusing. I think some would be appropraite to use for a children's slide show in a Bible class but others are a little inappropraite (such as the lego version of the rape of Dinah that led to all the men being circumcised and then later slaughtered in Gen 34.) Here is the edited version of Noah and the ark. I didn't type out the Bible verses but if you are not familiar with the story you can go to Gen. 6:7-9:15.
Today's question is if you created a website out of your hobby what would it be about? I guess I would do a book review website since I have been reading lots of books. That doesn't sound exciting but I couldnt' think of a better hobby I have. This weekend I am going to Dallas with Erin, Allicatdin, and Jenn. And we are staying with Ole Sal. We just plan on shopping and celebrating Erin and Allison's birthdays which were like a month ago. Have a good weekend!!


ktsdad said...

and to think that my daughter wasted all that time building innocent little houses with Legos when she could have been graphically illustrating all those "wonderful?!" OT stories!!!

MomI said...

Mine would be on walking. I'm pretty boring. I don't have any constructive hobbies like knitting or woodworking.

Rachel said...

That's really cool! I don't know what I would do it on. Have fun in you!

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