Monday, March 06, 2006

Oscars 2006

In case you live in a cave, the Academy Awards were last night, and the best Oscar party was being thrown at our apartment. Guests included Celine Dion, Sandra Bullock and Paul Bettany to name a few (those were our stage names anyway). Of course the best part of the night was Crash beat Brokeback Mountain for best picture. Some would consider it a major upset, we considered it a major triumph even though half of us hadn't seen it yet.....but it's on my list. Coming in a close second was Reese getting Best Actress. We all shouted with glee and teared up during her speech--ok maybe not the last part. Now for a list of other highlights of the evening, in list form of course:

1. The cowboy montage footage at the beginning of the show.
2. Ben Stiller's green unitard
3. Dolly just Travelin Through
4. Wallace and Gromit's guys' crazy bowties complete with matching little ones for their Oscars
5. Will Ferrell and Steve Carells great make up job
6. The political style campaign ads for different awards---Hilarious!
7. Three Six Mafia winning an Oscar for their song "It's Hard out Here for a Pimp"...seriously Academy....seriously?
8. The acceptance speech by the drunken(?) Brokeback screenplay writers...and yes he wore jeans

Here are more pictures from the evening:
Here is the whole gang and yes Celine is wearing the backward suit look...priceless!

Paul Bettany is cheering on Crash as it wins Best picture. Where is Jennifer Paul??
In other non Academy news: we went to Spring Sing this weekend. It was a really good show and fun to see and not be in it! Kappa's Forrest Gump show was our favorite but of course Chi won again. Also my good friend Sally got engaged so Congratulations to the future Mrs. Pinon! (I hope I spelled it right!) Today's question is what was your favorite part about the Oscars?


Anonymous said...

When it comes to any awards show, I just like to guess at who wins. If I am really into the awards, I write down how many were right and wrong to see if I am a good guesser. -April

Mom I said...

I know this may be hard to believe, but we actually didn't watch it. Besides the timing being wrong (it being a church night and all and us being on west coast tv time) we just didn't care. It seems like there is another award show on two or three times a week. Its funny how entertainment people have egos so big they have to have a bazillion awards to give each other so they can pat each other on the back on a regular basis. Like making millions of dollars per picture isn't reward enough. Oh well, I'll climb off my soapbox now. I must say though that I am VERY glad Brokeback didn't win and that Reese did win because she was very good in Walk The Line. Love ya

Mom I said...

P.S. Love the outfits. What did Ry wear? I know he doesn't own a tuxedo.

Paul Bettany said...

1. Jennifer was at home sick with the flu.
2. to 'mom' who commented...Jesse James (ryan) doesn't dress up anytime he's with Sandra Bullock. It's not his style
3. Where are pictures of your acceptance speech Sandra?

kmom said...

How was your party food? I didn't watch tv last night. Sounds like you had a great time.

ktsdad said...

The looks of Sandra Bullock and the cooking skills of Julia Child all in one package! How lucky can Ryan be??!!

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