Friday, March 31, 2006

The Facts of Life

Sadly this entry is not about Mrs. Garret, Jo, Tooty, Blair and Natalie....although I did enjoy the show once upon a time. This entry is dedicated to the the real "facts of life." The birds and the bees. In talking recently with some girlfriends, I found it odd that none of their parents ever spoke about "it." I don't have children so I can't say from experience, but I think parents should be open with their children. It can be an awkward thing, but in today's society with the internet and trashy magazines there is no telling what kind of things they will learn on their own and how much of it will be wrong. So in honor of The Facts of Life, I made a list of the ways I was educated on it:

1. My Parents...mainly Little Debbie
2. A book she gave me called "The Wonderful Way That Babies are Made"
3. PBS shows dedicated to adolescence and puberty that we watched as a family--good times
4. Lessons from our guidance counselor in elementary school
5. The encyclopedia--for those of you too young to remember it is a volume of books with a vast array of information
6. A video my friend had on puberty that we watched at sleep overs and made fun of
7. Cosmos that I shouldn't have been reading--sorry mom
8. High school and College classes
9. Church
10. And last but not least: Celeste's mom. She was a nurse and never made us feel stupid when we had 14 billion odd questions as 12 year olds.....and believe me we came up with some odd ones...that could be a whole other entry. Anyway she was easier to talk to than our own moms.

I just hope that someday we can talk to our children about the facts of life and not leave it up to their own findings. And if not I hope they at least have a friend's parent to go to.....or just Celeste bc now she is a nurse too. Today's question is in what way did you learn about the birds and the bees? Don't act all embarassed.....there is an "anonymous" choice you know.


Packrat said...

My first bird flew the coup and I got stung by the bee. I thought both would make good pets. No one told me any differently. I guess I am still learning

Mom I said...

Back in "the day" we found everything they thought we would need to know in 8th grade health class. Little did I know how little I really knew. I know for a certainty that God meant for husband and wife to both be virgins when they marry so they can learn together. And you are commanded to stay together for life so you have that long to figure it out. The parents and the church need to be a strong source for our kids to go to and learn Gods plan regarding the birds and the bees.

Mr. T said...

From what I gather the birds and bees are two necessary animals here on earth. The birds eat those worms in my yard and the bees pollenate and make me some honey. Other than that I have no idea what you're talking about. No one has told me any differently.

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