Sunday, March 12, 2006

To Hail and Back in Blaaaaaack Socks

This weekend was wonderful. Friday night Erin, Allicatdin, Jenn and I got in a car to drive to Dallas. The 3 hour trip took a turn for the worst only a few pages into our book of 4000 questions. Right before the border there was a traffic jam. We past two wrecks and a bunch of construction signs---with no construciton going on of course. We were pretty much at a standstill when the hail storm happend. It was pretty scary, but luckily we had each other, the question book, and great camp songs from our childhood. (You will have to ask Erin to sing you Blaaack Socks.) We went 10 miles in 2 hours and arrived at Sally's house later than planned, but with Dairy Queen Blizzards in our tummies. We got to meet her beau and stayed up and gossiped well into the night. The next morning we shopped like women on a mission: with maps of malls in our hands. I got a few clothes, a present for my favorite neice who is about to be one, and an office chair from IKEA. The best part of the day was eating at Cheesecake factory.....I love me some cheescake. Sadly Jenn got pooped on by a bird sometime while we were eating outside, but it didn't ruin our fun. We got back late last night without any traffic jams on the way home thankfully. Today's question is has a bird ever pooped on you? I got pooped on in Ireland outside of a store, and when I went in to clean up the manager told me it was good luck for a bird to poop on you. I told him you Irish people think everything is good luck.

In other news thanks to all the people who have been praying for Ryan's cousin and his granpda. His grandpa is home from the hospital and making progress. Wendy and Lilyanah are doing well. Wendy has her second treatment of chemo this week, recently shaved her head and still looks beautiful. She has been posting about all of it on the Craig family blog if you want to read the updates. Keep praying for them as they continue to battle health problems.


Krista said...

Um...I had a bird poop on my umbrella once. I did not consider it good luck and I'm so thankful I had that umbrella to shield me. I'm proud of your friend for not letting it ruin her fun. I don't know if I'd have been that strong. Although those kind of situations always make for good stories later on.

Anonymous said...

I was walking under a power line full of birds after work one day and I got pooped on a couple of times. A much better story is when my family was eating outside at Mellow Mushroom in North Carolina and a bird pooped on my dad's head. Celeste

Lor K said...

Mom and I got pooped on at Disneyland. Mom got the worst part of it, I just got sprinkled. Sounds like you had a fabulous time in TX.

Mom I said...

Those birds at Disneyland had been eating some kind of berries because it was purple poop, which was really gross. We couldn't run fast enough to the nearest bathroom. I'm just glad I wasn't looking UP at the time. P.S. Our Wendy is still beautiful, isn't she!! Love ya

Mike said...

Katie -
Is that YOU wearing the black socks?????

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