Friday, April 14, 2006


In the movie we last saw called Lucky Number Slevin the character Slevin claims he has ataraxia and says it causes him to be incapable of worry. I was immediately intrigued by this, probably because I tend to be a worry wart and wondered if there were really people out there that were completely incapable of the feeling. In wikipeida I found this:
Ataraxia (Αταραξία) is a Greek term used by Pyrrho and Epicurus for tranquility, freedom from disturbance of judgement, and is the first step to achieve Hêdonê, the pleasure.
However it is not a known disorder.
It is however the name of quite a few rock songs. The more I thought about it though, a worry free life might not be entirely a good thing. While it would reduce stress, I think you would lose a lot responsibilty bc you simply wouldn't care. But then of course if that led you to be in trouble financially or judicially you wouldn't worry about that either so it wouldn't be so bad. But if your family and friends don't have ataraxia then you will cause them more worry and stress, so that wouldn't be nice. But you wouldn't probably think of that if you had the condition bc you don't worry at all about anything. So you can see it's quite a conundrum. Today's question is if such a condition exists would you want to have it?


Lor K said...

I don't worry about things. I think that you can be aware and concerned about a situation w/o dwelling and worrying about it. Everything works out one way or another, whether good or bad, and worrying about it does NOTHING, except drive you crazy. If you have faith that God is control of all things and that it will work out the way He designed, worry doesn't have to be an option.

Mom I said...

I wouldn't want to have the condition, because then my lack of worry wouldn't be a concious (spelling) decision on my part to give those concerns up to God. I agree with Laura. Our lives should be worry free because we believe that God can work ALL things out for His good. Of course I'm not saying I always "live" what I believe to be true, but I just ask God to forgive my lack of faith and I try harder next time.

April said...

Sounds too complicated to even worry about. I would rather just be the same old me.

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