Sunday, April 02, 2006


We have been super busy at work with all these meetings overlapping so I went in to work for a few hours yesterday, then Ryan and I went grocery shopping, made a quiche, and planned to stay home on a Saturday night. Then my boss called and said they had tickets to see Hairspray but were too tired to go and wanted to know if we wanted them--uh yeah! I was really excited, but Ryan didn't share my enthusiasm. He said he would go if I couldn't find someone else though. So Michelle and I ended up going and we sat on the third row on the floor. The show was really good. I had seen the movie a few times but it had been awhile. The show was funny, had great music, and was really upbeat. Michelle and I had to walk back to my car in a lightening storm afterward. Luckily it was only sprinkling, but it was a bit scary.

I hope you all remembered it was daylight savings time. I am coming down with a cold, I think it's due to the stress of the projects at work right now. When I go to sleep I am thinking about marketing documents, and when I wake up at 2 am I am thinking of product specifications. It's ridiculous and I will be glad when it starts to slow down! Today's question is did anyone fool you on April Fool's Day? I did not get fooled. I kinda forget about it, but I didn't forget it was Carrie's birthday so Happy Birthday Carrie!


April said...

Yeah I got fooled alright. My car broke down yesterday :( It was doing fine. No check engine light, nothing. Then while driving yesterday it just went dead. Of course I have always been jinxed in the month of April anyway.

Krista said...

I'm jealous of your seats at Hairspray. I went to see it Friday night but sat in the top balcony. I'm super scared of heights so it was a little difficult to be up there. But I loved the show...even though it was like watching miniature hairspray from that far away. haha. Ryan sure missed out on a good time.

Kira said...

I would love to see Hairspray. I'm still trying to figure out how I can go see Lion King in Tulsa this summer.

A couple of weeks ago the tickets were still available.

I did not get fooled on April Fools day, thank goodness. I am a sucker & do not like getting tricked. I do not trick either.

Mom I said...

I can say that I share Rys lack of enthusiasm. I saw the movie a long time ago and I was not impressed. Just not my taste in humor. I think its one of Dawn and Ganos favorite movies though. Glad you had a good time. Nobody even tried to fool me on April Fools Day. It will always be a very special day though because God gave me my Carrie on that day. Love ya,

Rachel said...

Since I wasnt in school on April Fools nothing happened. I hope you feel better soon, love you!

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