Monday, April 17, 2006

Happy Easter

Sadly I do not have a pic to post of us in our Easter attire. Our camera is still at the Fuji place and we couldn't find our other broken camera so our neighbor used hers but then we had no way to upload just imagine how cute we looked! This was a really fun weekend though. I got to leave work early on Friday so I went shopping. I got some clothes and I bought Ryan some clothes too. Then I decided to have an easter egg hunt for him when he got home. He had to work late so I had plenty of time to make his easter basket and hide 50 eggs with candy in them. Then on Saturday the weather was beautiful and we went shopping some more and used a gift card to buy him some new dress slacks. I went to the art banquet on Saturday night to support AmyLynn in her portfolio review. Yesterday we went to church, ate at Steak n Shake, grocery shopped, napped, went to church, and ate dinner with our neighbros on their porch. Nothing really extraordinary happend, but we just had a lot of fun this weekend. I think the weather helped too! I finished reading Memoirs of a Geisha. The book was MUCH better than the movie. Now I am starting another Haven Kimmel book called Something Rising Light and Swift. Today's question is what did you do this Easter weekend?

Congratulations to Erin (faithful friend and reader) and Justin who got engaged this weekend!!!


Erin said...

I made your website again! I love it! I am so excited for this Thursday - sounds like fun!! Thanks for putting it all together.

Mom I said...

We welcomed Carrie, David, George and Nolan back to Oregon. I bought balloons for the kids instead of Candy. I'm trying to be a good Grandma. Then we had life group at our house last night. It was a tight squeeze in our tiny living room. I'm glad you guys had a good Easter. Can't wait to see the picture. Love ya,

ktsdad said...

Since Easter weekend is always the Lads to Leaders convention in Nashville, you know where I was. Our kids were great, but since I was with teenagers and tweens all weekend and sharing a room with Jason, sleep was not a high priority! The Easter bunny still managed to find everyone and Mom and Amy seemed to have a good time together.

Rachel said...

I like your dad was at L2L. It was really good I got a good samaritan award, gifts, high score for bible bowl, top 8 for bible bowl and I was a finalist for songleading. :) I'm glad you had a good you!

April said...

First I have to say CONGRATS, Erin and Justin!

I worked on Saturday and went to a wedding. On Sunday we went to church. While at church my mom hid eggs around the house for the kids to hunt when we came home. We just played after that.

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