Wednesday, April 19, 2006

We Reached 10,000!!

I looked at the counter this morning and it was exactly 10,000! That means our blog has been read 10,000 times since we started in July. I don't know if I can track who the 10,000th reader was but if I can I will dedicate a blog to you!

In other big news. Tom and Katie had their baby. So did Brooke Shields. It is the 11th anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing. And tomorrow is Seymour's 11th birthday believe. Also GMA is having specials on secret societies. Yesterday they talked about Opus Dei--that Catholic sect that is in The DaVinci Code. Today was about freemasons. I am facinated with the Masons bc they are so mysterious and you know I love a good mystery. I looked up the application questionaire that you have to fill out if you are interested in being one. Here is a sample of the questions:
1. List some of the most important books you have read on Freemasonry and the Esoteric Sciences.
2. Describe your understanding of the concept of the "Lost Word"
3. What/Who do you think Hiram Abiff represents?
4. Express your thoughts on the adage "Know Thyself"

Anyway you get the idea. So today's question is do you know anyone who is a free mason or a part of a secret organization? I don't know if I know any. There are like a million out there so I might know one. My mom said someone in our family was a long time ago. But I don't remember who.


FATSO said...

i think it was Granddad Hallock. so, seymour was born the day after the OKC bombing - interesting. i love you!

kmom said...

My Mother's Dad was a Mason. I understand that girls can be part of Job's Daughters (the female part of the Masons.) I think that to be a Mason, one has to have a member of the family who was or is a Mason.

Lor K said...

My sister in law and step mother in law are very involved in Job's Daughters. I went to one of their ceremonies, it was very cultish.

Anonymous said...

My granddad was a mason. Also, there was an article sitting out at work the other day that someone had printed off about whether or not Christians should be Masons. I read it, but it didn't really make much sense to me. I think the Eastern Stars are also another version of the women's Masons.

Monique said...

My great grandad was a mason. He wore that red hat.

lauren and brad said...

My papa joe was a free mason...

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