Friday, May 26, 2006

The Delineator

While we were in an antique store I found some old magazines called The Delineator. I looked online and found out it was a popular women's magazine from 1873 to 1937. The one I saw was from the early 30's and had some interesting ads that I thought I would share with you....(you should be able to click on the image to view it larger)This article says "Vanity is Sanity, Why loss of interest in clothes and cosmetics is a danger signal" Heavens No! I would think the only danger is that you are NOT vain, and that's not much of a danger. But I didn't read the whole article to find out what they thought the "danger" wasNow there's an "F" word that would definitely not be used in an advertisement today. Althought it does have alternate meaning besides the obvious deregatory one, I just don't think it would be very PC 70 years later.This one is my ultimate favorite. In the top corner other women are making fun of her because she is soo skinny. So this is an ad for how woman can ADD WEIGHT to make them prettier. Then it gives her new measurements after eating "New 7-Power Yeast." Today the only weight gain ads I see are for men who want to bulk up with Creatine. The times have definitely changed. But I am happy to see that my measurements would have allowed me to be in an ad 70 years ago in my bathing suit.


April said...

Thanks for posting the magazine with some of its articles. It is neat to get the chance to look at a piece of the past. Times have certainly come along way.

kmom said...

Thanks for giving me a laugh. Those articles are interesting. The times have changed.

E mac smakity smack said...

baby, you could be in an add now in your bathing suit. i love you

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