Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Digging Up the Past

Literally. Five years ago Celeste, Sara, and I buried a journal we had kept over a 5 year period that had girly secrets, inside jokes, and many other random adolescent things that make no sense anymore to us. We buried it before we all left for college in the woods under a tree we had carved our initials in. The last page stated "We do solemnly swear to come back and dig this book up on the night of our 5 year class reunion." We graduated May 14, 2001 and on May 14, 2006 Celeste and I headed into the woods with a shovel. Out of all the trees around it, our tree with our initals in it had ironically been struck by lightening. Our marker was luckily still there and on the first dig she struck it. That was much easier than we thought. However, I am considering writing a letter to Rubbermaid and Ziploc after we unearthed the contents. (I guess neither one of the companies claim to keep things fresh underground for 5 years though or else we would bury people in rubbermaid containers.) The entire contents were soaked in mud and water. It smelled like manure that was underground for 5 years. The whole journal was soaked and the pages barely readable and stuck together. We could make out a few pages but none of the inside jokes made sense anymore. The only thing the journal verified was that we were insane teenagers. It was funny to read, but it stunk to high heavens and we couldn't turn the pages without them dissolving into our hands. Celeste got the hair dryer but it was hopeless. We wanted to save it for Sara, since she couldn't be with us but neither one of could think of a place to keep it to dry out. So we finally decided to sink it in the Garland Bottom. We drove down, put it in a ziploc bag with a brick, and together on the count of three, tossed it in the current. Then to our horror it didn't sink, but floated away. We ran to the top of the bridge and watched it sweep away in horror and hopes that it doesn't wash ashore and find its way into someone's hands. We hope it makes it to the Tennessee River.

There will be more pics and stories of our weekend in TN later so don't worry your pretty little heads off.


Erin's Nanny Diaries said...

this is great, at least you remember where you buried this stuff, i think i did this a few times,love you

JayJenny said...

That's a really great idea!

April said...

I always wanted to do something like that, but I was afraid I would forget about it later. Too bad you couldn't read it well. The exciting thing about it floating away, maybe you will be part of history one day. Hey, you never know.

Sally said...

Oh my word...I totally loved reading this post. I have always wanted to bury something and dig it up 5 years later. If i ever do i will make sure to not put it in a ziplock bag!

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