Friday, May 19, 2006


My dear cousin Bonnie graduated while I was home. I am very proud of her and wish her well at FHU. I really can't believe she is old enough to graduate from high school, but that's life. I got to watch her walk across the stage (and not trip), receive her diploma, and flip her tassel. It went much more smoothly I think than when I graduated. As a nerdy salutatorian, I had to give a speech at graduation. I should've given a boring one instead of a sentimental one, but I wanted it to be good and memorable, and for people to stay awake during it. I practiced it enough times at home; out loud and to myself. I was having a bad day already, and then I got into a fight with someone's mom over the phone. I did not win that argument, so that added to my bad mood.

Anyway we got to the auditorium and I marched in fine and I think I was second to speak, and was feeling great and confident during Joel's speech, but then when I clanked up on stage and looked out at everyone in Chester County in that HUGE auditorium, I knew it wasn't going to be pretty. I think I made it through the first sentence. Then I started crying. Luckily I didn't cry hard (a girl the year before me sobbed so hard you couldn't understand her and I think she almost hypervenilated) but I just muffled my way through. I was so mad, bc I didn't want people to think I was sad to leave. I really didn't even like high school THAT much. I would miss my best friends, but I was so ready to leave Henderson. Oh well, I didn't cry alone. My friends were all bawling in the audience and people came up to me afterward and said I made them cry. And some lady in the audience kept yelling "that's all right girl, go on."

I have only watched the video twice I think since then. And once was because my friends got it out to show Ryan. The crying wasn't as bad as I remembered it but it was still bad. My southern accent was almost worse than the crying. Do I really sound THAT country? Anyway that was my most embarassing moment, and no you may not see the tape. Today's question is have you ever embarassed yourself in front of a few thousand people?

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Rachel said...

I'm so glad that you got to come. I've never embarrassed myself in front of thousands but I have in front of a bunch of people. Love ya!

P.S.- Happy 1 year Anniversary!

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