Sunday, May 07, 2006

New Do's

It is that time of year again. Hair cutting time that is--thus the reason for a pic of us on the blog (sorry it's a bit dark). I got one on Saturday morning by a guy named Carlos. He didn't take much off the length but gave me more layers and styled it a little too much. I still think at times it looks like a mushroom but overall I like it. And he gave me a side part which I also like. Then in the afternoon Ryan and I attended his cousin's baby's first birthday party at Chucky Cheese. I got to meet more members of the family and it was fun. Ryan however refused to take a pic with me and Chucky so I was a bit bummed. But I did get some cute shots of Emma in all of her one year old glory. Last night we watched Gangs of New York on TV. It was bloody but pretty good. I don't know how much of it is accurate but it gives a very different view of America around the Civil War time. Today we churched, ate at Chili's, and I went to a baby shower while Ryan got his hair cut. Not only is it hair cutting time but apparently it is shower time. There are so many weddings and baby showers going on right now. Today alone at our church there were 6 or 7! Luckily I do not know all of these people or we would have to re-budget. Have a wonderful week my faithful readers!


ktsdad said...

Love the new do's! See ya' this weekend! YEA!!!

Monique said...

I love your hair! You look so pretty.
We watched Gangs of New York Saturday night on T.V. as well. You are right about bloody. I was so mad at the bad guy throughout the movie. The movie made me want to research that time. It was very interesting.

April said...

Wow your hair looks great! I cannot even try to tame my hair to part to the side. I have pretty much worked this whole week to have anything exciting happen. We shall see what the next week brings.

Rachel said...

I agree w/ your day! I love the hair and cant believe I see you 5 days...woo hoo!

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