Wednesday, May 24, 2006

The Rest of our Anniversary Adventure....

I didn't want you to think the only animal we saw was a donkey. We did see lots of other animals and to see all of our pics you can click here and if the link doesn't work you can click on the "My Photos" link to the left and go to the album called One Year Anniversary. The scariest animal was the emu. The animals are so used to cars and people that they know to come up to each side of the car for food. I was busy looking at the big emu out Ryan's window and didn't notice the one that was about to poke his head in my rolled down window. I got a pretty good picture of it. We weren't supposed to get out of our car on the "safari" but everyone else was at the giraffe place so we did too. I got to feed a giraffe. After touring the wasteland, we went to a bunch of antique stores in Davis. We didn't buy anything but they had a lot of great things. We went to this one place called Junk City and it was filled with stuff in no particular order and just crammed in the shack as tightly as could be. I have a pic of it in the album. Then we went to the grocery store so Ryan could grill some steaks. On Sunday we came back and watched our wedding video. It was fun to watch it and see all the people who came. Although Davis is not the most ideal vacation spot, we had a great time and it's always nice to just get away. So since it's been a whole year some would say we aren't newlyweds anymore, but others say until you have kids. However, until I can think of a better name for our blog we will continue to be Newlywed Blogging Beginners. Unless you have any suggestions??


Krista said...

That emu is scary! Your exotic vacation sounds like it was a lot of fun. I guess those kinds of places are as good as you make them. There's a way to make everything fun...sometimes you just have to search really hard. Happy one year anniversary!

April said...

I love looking at pics of you 2 together. You are such a cute couple. I am happy for the both of you in finding the right person. As for the anniversary, krista said it right. You can turn anything into fun.

I wouldn't worry too much about changing the blog name just yet. You're still considered newlyweds for up to one more year. You have until then to decide a good name.

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