Sunday, May 21, 2006

We're one year old!

Ryan Blog #3: I've been married a year now, so this weekend I decided to celebrate. Coincidentally, my wife was celebrating her anniversary this weekend too, so we decided to celebrate together. It certainly doesn't seem like its been a whole year since the wedding, but at the same time, it seems like we've been married our whole lives. For the festivities we headed down to hoppin' metropolis of Davis, Oklahoma on Friday and stayed in a little cabin in the woods. The real fun didn't start until Saturday, though, when we went to visit the wild life wonder that is the Arbuckle Wilderness. Touted as a "Drive-Thru Safari in the heart of the beautiful Arbuckle Mountains." The park lured us in with a brochure rife with pictures of lions and tigers and giraffes, oh my! And all this right here in Oklahoma, how could we resist. After visiting this wild wonder, I think I may submit a text correction to the brochure commitee there at the Arbuckle Wilderness. I might phrase the line more like "A Drive-Thru petting zoo in the heart of a deserted logging camp." While we drove by some signs that indicated there were dangerous animals in some of the cages, we only really saw one big cat:The flora was more reminicient of a construction site:

And the fauna was that of a farm:

Overall, the wilderness was quite depressing. Even the "exotic" animals weren't terribly exciting because they were in conditions that looked like an inner-city zoo.

You may think that this post was all about complaining about my anniversarial activities, but it really is quite the opposite. It is a testament to our marriage to how much fun we had in the Arbuckle "Wasteland" (as Katie dubbed it). Even through the gravel and sheet metal that covered the landscape we found a good time because we were traversing the wasteland together (that sounds like it might have some deep and meaningful metaphorical significance). It left me with a good feeling about the many years that we'll have together in the future.


Mom I said...

Yeah Ryan! #3 was entertaining as usual. Can't wait to read your next one. We need to go to the Wildlife Safari down in southern Oregon next time you guys are here. You can compare. So glad you enjoyed your anniversary. Love and miss you guys. Mom

big mama e said...

Happy Anniversary! Im so glad you had fun on your trip. It sounds like this desert museum we went to in AZ a few months ago. Are you going to eat the nasty top layer of your cake???

April said...

Happy Anniversary! I didn't forget, I have just been very busy. Here's to many wonderful years together.

LittleKelly said...

Happy Anniversary! I was going to call but I was a bit distracted yesterday. I'm glad to see you two happy and ready for more life.

Rachel said...

Happy Aniversary!! Here's to many more! Good post by the way!

mandapanda said...

Hi! You guys are so cute! I enjoy reading the blog! Happy "late" 1st Anniversary! Here's to many more blessed and happy years!!

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