Thursday, June 08, 2006

Dead Center

Last night kicked off the annual Dead Center Film Festival in OKC. Its a festival that shows independent films. Matty Tat Tat is volunteering at it and told us that the opening night show would be a free outdoor screening of a movie called "Stomp! Shout! Scream!" We drove downtown after church to a grassy knoll beside the Untitled Art Gallery and the train tracks. The crowd was full of interesting people to say the least. The movie was a satire that made fun of 60's beach movies. There was also a skunk ape in it (need I say more). Afterward the writer/producer (who also produces the adultswim cartoon "Aqua Teen Hunger Force" answered questions about this movie that they shot in 12 days for $100,000. The highlights of the evening were 1. A truck that drove over the bridge, because there are only train tracks on that bridge 2. A funny song about syphillis in the movie 3. the sprinklers that were on a timer that came out of the ground and sprayed everyone in the middle of the movie.

In other news, Joyce and Rachel left yesterday morning to go back home. They were here for the softabll tournaments and I didn't get a single picture of them while they were here. We had a fun week together even though we didn't see each other too much. Also I bought a Sudoku puzzle book last week and am loving it. I haven't solved a hard one yet though. Today's question is do you sudoku?


Rachel said...

I was thinking about that on the way pictures how sad! But I did have so much fun when we got to spend time with you! I love you ans thanks so much for having us! I've never done sodoku but I should probably try it.

kmom said...

I do sudoku and really like it. It seems to waste a bunch of my time so I try to limit myself to only doing the one in the Sunday newpaper magazine. I have started cutting some out of the newspaper everyday to have on hand when I go on vacation or am stuck in waiting rooms. I can do the hard ones. Seems like the medium ones are the hardest sometimes. Even the easy ones can be hard. It depends on how my brain is working.

Mathias & Craig Families said...

I am ashamed to admit I don't even know what sudoku is.. .. however I just had to write to let you know that almost the entire Craig/Mathias clan is heading your way for Kelly Killian's wedding near the end of July. Lilyanah & I will be flying in on the 15th & all but Jeremy will be coming in on the following Thursday. It's been so long since I've been that way I'm quite excited! Anyway, we'll have to get together while we're there! Sure do love you both! Wendy.

carrie m said...

My husband does the sudoku in the Oregonian everyday! I, on the other hand, have absolutely no interst in them at all. I'm more of a cross word puzzle sort of girl. Love you guys, Carrie

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