Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Good-bye Charlie

I have spent my morning with him the past year and now he is leaving me. And although he is going on to the nightly news, I will probably not see him, as I do not watch nightly news. The best part of the morning farewell show was when his family was on and his wife said she wasn't a morning person but she gladly shared him with Diane and Robin, to which Diane said she was like his "morning concubine." No Diane, No.

In other non-related things that interest me, I have added some new blogs to the links to the left. Dooce, which is a new word meaning to be fired from your job because of the content on your blog, is an interesting one. The lady was actually fired for her blog, but now supports her whole family by just writing on the computer. I find that fascinating. The other one is the Company B who may get dooced if she is found out. It's pretty hilarious, especially if you work in an office. And as always I do not condone everything in these blogs but they are an interesting read.

We should be getting another neice any day now. So hopefully the next post will be about her.

The Land of Nod movie night was last night and we watched a documentary over the children that lived in the concentration camp Terezin. Lots of artwork and poetry was saved from these children and some guy set the poetry to music while this boychoir sang it. It was interesting minus the boy choir. I really don't understand what pre-pubescent boy could get talked into being in a choir. Today's question is were you ever in a choir? I was for one year in the high school choir (I always want to spell that word "quire")


ktsdad said...


FHU Madrigal Singers/Hallmark Singers - my 2 years to see the USA on somebody else's nickel! (Free tux, too!)

Jackson Symphony Chorus - my only chance to sing "The Hallelujah Chorus" backed by a full orchestra!
(Had to buy this tux!)

April said...

I never had an interest in singing in groups. I most enjoyed playing an instrument next to them so I could blow their eardrums out hehe (clarinets in high key can be annoyingly loud).

I did know someone in NY who traveled around the U.S. and the Bahamas singing with a nationally known church choir for young adults.

Michelle Young said...

Yes, I was in choir, for 2 years, the Oklahoma City Children's Chorus. It was fun, we performed at a German event and had to sing in German....craziness!

Mom I said...

I was in treble choir in 7th and 8th grades and regular choir in 9th and 10th grades. I'm sure Mr. White didn't miss me a bit when I decided not return my Junior year.

lauren and brad said...

you know that i was! :) I was in the junior high and high school choirs at the renowned Seminole High...and as if you couldn't have guessed, I was also in show choir. the boys wore tuxes with tails and green cumberbuns (our school color) and the girls wore the same except shorts with black hose. ick! It was awesome because we got out of school to perform at the arts festival, nursing homes and malls and stuff. side note: the only people that thought we were even remotely decent were the ones in the nursing homes! probably because they couldn't hear!

lauren and brad said...

i forgot to comment on the Land of Nod meeting...seeing as i am the only other member, it is my duty to comment! --insert song, i neeeevvveeerrr saaaawwwwww annnnoootthhheerrr buuuttttteeerrrffllllyyy-- wow. that part was pretty fun. you didn't even mention the best part of the evening when i cried at the end of the babysitters club movie!

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