Sunday, June 18, 2006

Happy Parents' Day!

I just realized that I forgot to write about Mother's day last month and post pictures from it, so for today's post we will deem it Parent's Day. Ryan and I are very lucky to have wonderful parents and grandparents. You don't get to choose your parents, or your in-laws really, but I must say that we feel blessed to have great families on both sides that we don't mind sharing holidays with. We celebrated today by going out to eat at a new Bar-B-Que restaurant we hadn't tried, of course none of our families were with us, but they were eating BBQ with us in spirit. Then we called them this afternoon to express our gratitude and love. In other lesser holiday news, today is also: National Splurge Day, Go Fishing Day, and International Panic Day. To read more about them click here. Today's question is if you invented a holiday what would it be?


April said...

I think with the gas price increase I would have to invent a day where no one in the world could buy gas. That way the oil companies would hurt just like we are doing. Maybe they would get the point and lower it back to $1.00. Hey, I can hope.

ktsdad said...

Don't have a proposed holiday, but the 3 of us did eat BBQ yesterday! Ah - great minds....!

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