Thursday, June 01, 2006

Our Great Branson Adventure

There once was a journey to Branson
With 3 people, so very handsome
They were bored on the way
They wrote limericks all day
And in spare time, held tourists for ransom

Ryan, Matt and I left on Saturday morning to go to Branson with a stop in Wilburton for Linda's memorial service. We arrived late that night. On Sunday, we tried to leave early enough to beat "in season Branson traffic" to get to church but it took 2 hours to go about 10 miles so when we passed the church.....service was over. But don't worry we listened to religious music in the car and sang to the Sister Act soundtrack. Then we headed to his aunt's at the lake where we got entirely too much sun and a burn to prove it. I got to hold babies :) and we played nertz. On Monday we just visited with Ryan's g parents until Grandpa had to go to dialysis then we went to see his great aunt and uncle. On the way home we got to stop at Dairy Queen and we made up limericks to amuse us. Hence the reason I posted one at the top. Today's challenge is to post a limerick you made up. Try it, it is quite fun.

PS. Sorry for the no good pics below but those were all I had from our journey to church.


Mr. T said...

There once was a blogger named Katie.
She married a boy to become a lady.

Her wit and writing daily entertained us.
Her words were clean and free of all cuss.

I think she should become a pirate and yell "Ah Hoy Matey"

E mac smakity smack said...

I have this best friend and boo.
WIthout her I wouldnt know what to do.
SHe pretends to believe all of my lies.
Since three we've had unbreakable ties.
Neither of us are really "ladies"
That always drove our parents crazy.
Now she has a newlywed lover....
but when will she be a mother?

kmom said...

What are the "rules" for a limerick? What makes a limerick a limerick? I want to be limericky correct when I make one up.

Ryan and Katie said...

The rules are the first two lines rhyme, the second two lines rhyme with each other and the last line rhymes with the first two lines. At least I think so.

Erin Leigh said...

katie, you know i didnt listen to killer keller, im just about the rhyming

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