Monday, June 12, 2006

The Weekend News

Well sadly Tomas died this weekend. He wasn't chirping or eating like he used to so I wasn't too surprised when I found him. Ryan says he probably had internal damage from his fall but I still feel like I might've killed him somehow.

On Friday night Ryan and I went to one of the independent films at the festival called Outside Sales. It was a comedy about a guy having to compete for his job by outselling a woman at work and they end up falling in love. We thought it was pretty funny. And it was free because someone at work gave us passes.

On Saturday I watched The Graduate on DVD in the morning. I borrowed it from someone at work. It was interesting but I couldn't believe it was rated PG and came out in the 70's. Then we went to have our picture taken for the church directory. It didn't turn out too great so we didn't buy any. Then we ate at a Mexican restaurant we hadn't tried but it wasn't that great either. Then we headed to Acousticadia (a music festival at the lake) where we had volunteered to ride around on golf carts and pick up the trash. We went a little early thinking we'd be working so hard that we wouldn't get to hear much of the music. There were only about 50 people there and it was all blue grass music. 50 people don't make a lot of trash so we had a lot of down time on our 3 hour shift. It was alright, but next year I hope they advertise more and that they have a variety of music.

Sunday we churched and Ryan worked on his car and I napped and read most of the Second Summer of the Traveling Pants book. Hope you all had a great weekend and didn't kill any of the wild animals you were taking care of.

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Krista said...

I went and saw Outside Sales at the film festival as well. It was my favorite out of all the films I saw. I also got an autograph from the director. haha.

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