Sunday, July 23, 2006


Sorry I haven't posted in awhile. Some of Ryan's Oregon family has been here this week for a wedding, so we have been spending time with them as you can see in the pictures below. Wendy came to town early so on Monday we ate dinner at the Traywick's home. They are mutual friends and we had a wonderful time. Then yesterday we went to a wedding that we weren't technically invited to (but we knew the couple and they said we could come), but we were mainly there to spend more time with Ryan's cousins and aunt and uncle. Then we hung out with his family at their hotel. Today we went to church with Ryan's family and the groom's family in Yukon. Afterward there was a celebratory lunch at Steak n Ale for the grandma's 80th birthday. We were invited although we didn't know anyone (but Ryan's family of course). There were circa 30 people there. The highlight of the lunch was a poem read about grandma in which her chest size was mentioned and grandpa's feelings towards it (?) We still signed the ginormous card for her and the picture frame and helped decorate the tables. It was random but fun. So next weekend we are looking for more weddings and/or birthday parties to crash, so let us know if there is one you know of! Here are some pics from the week (although not really many of Ryan and I). Lilyanah is so cute!!


kmom said...

Ryan looks so comfortable holding the baby. Hope you gave the wedding couple a gift. Who is sitting next to Matt? Lilyanah is so cute!!! Thanks for sharing your pictures.

ktsdad said...

Don't answer Mom's comment - I told her it was Cory!

lauren and brad said...

oh my you have the fever? I have the fever! How could you hang out with that baby all week-end and not get the baby fever!?!?!? Sounds like a very fun week-end.

Michelle said...

You could crash David's wedding in vegas! But it's not until Aug.17th

lauren and brad said... again or i am gonna scream!!! come's the highlight of my day.

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