Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Yes those are my beautiful toes. The Land of Nod monthly meeting was yesterday and we went to get a pedicure. Believe it or not it was my first one. Besides the creepy massage chairs that were impossible to control and the indecipherable women trying to get us to pay them more and get a salt scrub "it good for feet. Make skin soft." The book club meeting was a little silly consdiering we haven't been reading the same books right now, but we of course had lots of other things to discuss that were non-book related.

I've been gettin complaints that I am slacking on the blog....I sincerely apologize. There are many things going on that I cannot discuss on the world wide web that have been occupying all the space in my mind and making me quite the blogging bore. But don't you worry faithful readers, I am not on a permanent sabotical!

I haven't done a list in awhile so here is a random one:
1. Project Runway is on again for a 3rd season and I am so happy. There is no one like Santino though.
2. I looked at my digital watch yesterday and it said 8:64. It's been acting odd and I thought it was a goner so I tried to reset it and when I did a big "F" appeared. I took that as time to order a new one.....exact same model of course.
3. Ryan finally ordered a guitar online.
4. I don't think we have bought groceries all month. We probably haven't even been eating.
5. Jasper is still doing well. He gets excited when I am in the room....I know I know he is just a fish but he does
6. I had a dream a few nights ago that I woke up and had a big bald spot in the middle of my head. My friend told me it was some kind of head lice and to put my head in the microwave and they would come out. I did this and they did and I could feel them and it was guh-ross. Then it left crop circle like patterns on my bald head.
7. I also dreamed about our future children and I saw their faces. They were all boys.

Today's question will be what is your favorite way to pamper yourself? I was quite fond of the pedicure but I also love me some therapudic shopping!


Kira said...

I love to get a pedicure!!!

kmom said...

Wow, what dreams!! I thought Ryan already bought his guitar on that day you went to spend money on something helpful to your lives and you bought creams. I went back and read that blog and noticed it said would buy instead of did buy. Can you get a new battery for that type of watch? A jewelry person might can tell if the watch is a goner or worth getting fixed. I've never had a pedicure or a manicure. I think I would like to try a manicure. Great way to pamper me is to let myself sleep in in the morning or take a Sunday afternoon nap.

ktsdad said...

Full body massages and vichy showers!

April said...

Deep tissue massages are the best ever! You will get tensed spots relaxed that you didn't even know were tensed.

lauren and brad said...

wow, your readers were in dire need of an entry...four comments already! i love when you do lists... My favorite way to pamper myself is to have Land of Nod pedicures and talk non-stop for three straight hours. It clears my head and prettifies my nasty feet.

Michelle said...

I love pedicures and manicures...I haven't had one since our wedding.....I'm in desparate need for one now though....I may just have do to that soon.

Mom I said...

All boys!! Wow. That would be a first in a long time for the Isenberg clan since Ry is the only son of an only son of an only son. Talk about pressure to carry on the family name. I promise that I will NEVER pressure you about that. If God sees fit to bless you with all girls, then that's great. But a little boy to carry on Rys good looks and sweet spirit would be great too. This Grandma will be very easy to please. When I want to pamper myself, I like to stop half way through my daily walk and get a cup of coffee and a cinnamon roll and read the daily paper. Love ya,

Krista said...

Katie - I'm all about the therapeutic shopping. Matt tells me that I'm an emotional shopper. If I've had a bad day I can't think of anything better than some good shopping to relax myself.

Anonymous said...


Uncle Kevin

Mr. T said...

What is a vichy shower?

How do I pamper myself? By turning off my phone and going out to do something on my own, even if it's to do errands. I slow down and don't rush it just so I can enjoy what's going on around me.

Monique said...

I love to have a pedicure, but I really enjoy lying on the couch in my pjs with a bowl of Double Fudge Brownie Icecream.

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