Thursday, July 13, 2006

Strawberry Ruckus

A few nights ago I had a dream that I was sitting at a table with some people and Ryan came to join us and and said "what's all the strawberry ruckus about?" Everyone laughed and thought it was a hilarious phrase. Ryan was very proud and said he had just made it up (it reminded me a bit of the scene in My Fair Lady at the horse races when Eliza says "done her in" and everyone thinks it's the new small talk phrase) So throughout the dream everyone at the table was finding ways to use strawberry ruckus in their vocabulary. I then woke up and had a hard time figuring out if that was a dream or not. So I asked Ryan what all the strawberry ruckus was about and he looked at me confused, so I realized it was a dream. But it's a few days later and I still can't get the phrase out of my head. And I really do like it. I don't know why or what I would use it for other than "what's all the strawberry ruckus about" but the phrase has me pondering other fruit and ruckus like word concoctions. Such as a blueberry conundrem or a cherry tarnation. Anyway it's really silly and random but what fruit/catastrophe phrases can you come up with?


lauren and brad said...

what about this...papaya calamity.
I mainly just like to say the word papaya! :)

I still think you should re-name your blog strawberry ruckus. it is fantastic!

ktsdad said...

How about banana boo boo!?


grape gaffe!?

Mom I said...

Carrie just came up with a good one. "What's all the cherry commontion?". How about "blueberry broo-ha-ha". (That one is mine.) Well, the U-haul is all packed. Pray for our safe trip this weekend. Love you guys. Mom

fatso said...

on a fruit-related note, i just want to know why "clowns hate tangelos." what about other round, orange fruits? i hate clowns but like tangelos. how does it mess up their equilibrium? how is it connected to "i pooted"? why is the cartoon network wanting to confuse me and cause me to spend too much time thinking about non-sensical things?

Michelle said...

Funny you want to come over tomorrow to the wedels? Let me know! I'll be poolside all day!

kmom said...

watermelon waller

Anonymous said...

Apple-doodle-smack !!!

Uncle Kevin

Anonymous said...

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