Sunday, July 09, 2006

These "Quotation Marks" Go Out To You, Lauren

Sadly I did not take any pictures from yesterday's Seminole "adventures." But I will tell you all about it and you can just picture it in your "head." After a confusing and very "stressful" Friday, Ryan and I headed to Seminole to hang out with Lauren and Brad and help them on their house "flipping." We arrived late in the evening and found our way to her parents "farm." We chatted it up (while their dog made horrendous smelling "farts" under the table that neither Ryan nor I could smell) until our "husbands" tired of us and went to bed. We however stayed up and talked until about 2 am. After heading to bed I started to hear a baby "crying." It was pretty "creepy" since they do not have a baby but Ryan awoke and heard it too. Turns out their "psycho cat" makes these noises sometimes and it sounds just like a crying baby. Ryan let the cat out but I still couldn't "sleep". I moved to the "couch" and got about 4 hours of sleep total. Anyway after our delicious breakfast of "freedom toast" we got a tour of the farm, met the "cows," and went to the house to start ripping out a "kitchen" and finishing the "bathroom." I of course was on the lookout for a "mystery" hidden in the walls. We found none but left our own "mark" in the bathroom for the next remodeler to find. :) After all of our "hard work" we crashed at the house and watched parts of 4 movies. It was such a fun weekend, but we had to head home because I have to "decorate" the church today for the missions dinner. I love "mini vacations" and am looking forward to the next getaway we can have, especially if it includes psycho baby cats, hard work, mis-using quotation marks and finding out more reasons why Lauren and I might possibly have been separated at birth.

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lauren and brad said...

i definitely believe we are "sisters from another mother"!!! Thanks so much for all your help this week-end. Sunday was not near as fun or "successful" without you and Ryan there. Sorry about all of our wierd animals...please don't let it deter you from another visit. xoxoxo

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