Saturday, August 19, 2006

Books a Zillion

This weekend is a relaxing weekend because we aren't traveling anywhere. I have tons of things to do though since we haven't been home in so long. Last night we went to Barnes and Noble. I found a book of random perfect for me! But I didn't buy it, just browsed through it. Today we have lots of shopping to do for various and sundry things and I am babysitting tonight. Today's list will be the Land of Nod book list.
1. Time Travelers Wife
2. Frank Peretti books
3. Glass Castle
4. Redeeming Love
5. 5 People You Meet in Heaven
6. Peyton Place
7. Catch Me If You Can
8. The Girl Who Walked Home Alone
9. The History of Love
10. 4000 Years in 13 Chapters
11. Cash
12. All the Pretty Horses
13. As I Lay Dying
14. Song of Solomon by Toni Morrison
15. Slaughter House 5
16. Confederacy of Dunces
17. Last Picture Show
18. The Heart is a Lonely Hunter
19. David Sedaris books
20. Everyone Worth Knowing

They are in no particular order. Let me know if you have read any of those and what you think about them. I have just finished Ellen Foster, The Devil Wears Prada, and am currently reading Under the Banner of Haven. It is an inside look at the Mormon religion.

These are pics from the last 2 weekends. I know you are all sick of looking at pictures but I just now got these and I love my family. Have a fun weekend!!!


Katie said...

Oops I completely left out Straight Up and Dirty by one of my fav bloggers Stephanie Klein.

kmom said...

Great pics. Has your book club read all those books or are those the ones you plan to read?

Ryan and Katie said...

Those are the ones we plan to read

Anonymous said...

What lovely families you have!!! I've read a few Frank Peretti books and I like them. He wrote a teen book called Tilly and I own it but I've never read it. I've also read 5 People You Meet In Heaven. Rather odd I might say. I didn't like it enough to want to see the movie. I have read Song of Solomon but it was Solomons version instead of Toni Morrisons. And I saw the movie Catch Me If You Can and liked it. I think I'd like to read the book.

Mom I said...

That last comment was from Mom I. I forgot to put in my name.

Michelle Young said...

I have read redeeming love, and I really enjoyed the book. How was The Devil Wears Prada? Maybe I need to get a library card so I can read some books. I like books, I just can't afford to buy a lot. Oh well. Have a good day!

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