Thursday, August 31, 2006

Brutal honesty

After our first year of marriage most of our daily conversations go like this:
Morning Time Scenario--"Did you sleep well?"
"Did you have any dreams?"
"No, did you?"
"Yeah it was so weird, (insert my weird dream here)"
...time passes...we get ready....
"Have a good day at work, I love you!"
"Love you too!"

Evening Scenario:
"Ryan, I have to tell you what happend at work today (insert random 15-30 minutes of stories here). How was your day?"
"What do you want to eat?"
"I dunno."

So that's it. There might be some other random comments such as "your mom emailed, you should check it" or "did you read my post cause it's really funny today?" But that is the gist of our everyday conversations. Every now and then however we really will talk about serious things: life, future, vacations, church, etc. And the other night was one of those nights. We were talking about our relationship and how things were when we were dating vs. how things are now. As I remember, out of nowhere my loving husband said, "Your teeth used to really bug me." To which I just laughed. Apparently all he could look at for like two weeks was my crooked teeth. Now he says he loves them, but for two weeks they really mesmerized him and he never told me until 3 years later.

Some might think that it's rude for him to tell me that, but I love it. I love finding out new things about Ryan that I didn't know, even if it means his brutal past opinion on my grill. This might be because Ryan rarely has opinions about things, so I'd love to hear a bad one over an apathetic one any day! Or maybe it's because after 3 years it's hard for me to imagine that there is something I don't know about him. However, every now and then something comes up and I just laugh and say "I never knew that." Anyway after the tooth conversation I told him his jeans used to bug me, so we are even. And now that I can shop for him we have solved that problem. Now if only he were a dentist.......


Mom I said...

You guys will never stop learning new things about each other, trust me. After 30 years of marriage, I still find myself saying, "I didn't know that!" I'm pretty sure we have all the important stuff down pat, like religion and child rearing (oops, too late for that), but he still has surprises for me. Just this year I learned that he doesn't like lasagna or black tennis shoes. It keeps the marriage alive. Vavoom!!!

lauren and brad said...

kate...i think you have a beautiful brightens my day and without it i would nearly be suicidal! my very favorite is when you do that trick where you can just "have one tooth". man thats a great one. marriage is a blessing and i guarantee that your smile was one of the things that made ryan fall in love with you. but you gotta love the honesty!

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