Thursday, August 03, 2006


So I didn't get my cousin's permission to post this picture of her naked preschool body accented by her mullet like hairstyle, but I figure I am humiliating myself as well since I am pictured there with her so she can't be too mad about it. My cousin Kelly is getting married this weekend to her long time boyfriend BJ. She is the only cousin I really have that is my age so we were very close growing up even though we only saw each other once a year at Christmas--and sometimes in the summer. It never took us long to catch up on all the latest news that had gone on in our lives in the past few months. I wish her and BJ much happiness and am very excited to be a part of the wedding this weekend. In honor of her I will list some of my favorite memories with her. (most of these are ones only she will get but oh well)
1. TIMBER!!!!
2. playing pool with our hands
3. the boxer short thing---I'm sure Uncle Brad will be getting you back this weekend :)
4. sledding into our grandparents' neighbors' backyard
5. ice skating--well not after the "incident"
6. all the "boy talk"

I'm sure I will be posting pictures from this weekend when we get back. Today's question is did you have cousins close to your age growing up and what are some of your favorite memories with them?


lauren and brad said...

uh, yeah...i had 5 cousins, all of them girls and we had a ball growing up. Looking back, some of my favorite memories are same outfit picture days, playing gin rummy while eating boiled peanuts, each of the weddings so far (4 total) and of course, taking baths together! loved the pic!!!

April said...

I had 2 cousins around my age and we used to play alot. I remember visiting them in MI one Summer and we decided to make lemonade. Bad idea. It was toooo... sweet. We also used to play tricks on my aunt and uncle.

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