Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The Deiner

Sorry for the delay in posts. We are still in Oregon but I know how much some people's daily moods depend on my posts so I am not letting you guys down today! I know you came here wanting to see pics of the wedding or possibly recent photos of my neices and nephews, and I hate to disappoint you, but this post is about the Deiner. Yes, tonight we got an "underground tour" of Newberg's new hospital by the man who knows all about it, my father-in-law. It's a lovely facility, but touring the basement with all the machines that control EVERYTHING was VERY tempting with all the flashing knobs and colorful buttons to push. I had a hard time keeping my hands to myself. I'm not sure how he does it every day. He must exert great self control.

Call me morbid, but the most exciting part was when we got to the morgue. The possibility of seeing a dead body was somehow exciting to me....since I wouldn't know them of course, and I am a curious being who likes to pretend she could be on Grey's Anatomy. Their morgue is called the Deiner and I have tried to look up the word and all I can find is a close spelling of it in the Wikipedia: "In a morgue, a Diener (also referred to as a morgue attendant) is the person responsible for handling, moving, and cleaning the body. " And that's all it says. Rick says they pronounce it like "the diner" which is humorous. I was expecting to see the drawers where you pull out the bodies like they are in a filing cabinet. Sadly, it was a tiny room with one empty guerney. Just another one of my unfulfilled expectations that was probably for the best. However, it would have made a much more interesting post. Maybe next time I will push one of the shiny buttons.....


April said...

When I worked at the nursing home in NY, I had many opportunities to visit the morgue. I was also intrigued by what was to come behind those doors. I came to find that our morgue was only a cooler to store the body until the funeral home came to pick up the body. At the big hospital next door, it had the real deal I was told. One creepy thing about it was it was next to the cafeteria.

lauren and brad said...

katie...your right! my mood does depend alot on your blog! you must hurry back...as i will not last much longer..........and, it will not be i that ends up in a morgue. but possibly someone else?!?!?

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