Thursday, August 24, 2006

Does Anyone Care About Pluto?

Apparently not. It just got kicked off the Milky Way Planet list. And you thought you were having a bad day. According to the NPR site, "Pluto was discovered in 1930. It lost its planetary status when the International Astronomical Union approved a definition for planets that Pluto fails to meet. Pluto will now belong to a new category of "dwarf planets," similar to what long have been termed "minor planets." Not only do they kick it out of planet-hood but are now giving it a derogatory name like "dwarf." Not very PC. Who gives the International Astronomical Union the right to decide what planet criteria is? I think it is discrimination. People shouldn't be judged by their race and planets shouldn't be judged on their size. On Good Morning America today they asked kids what they thought about Pluto and these were my favorite responses:
1. Well my daddy always told me it was a planet
2. If it's not a planet then they have to change all the science books ever written
3. It's the last planet so I really don't care about it.
Well I care about it and now the pneumonic device is "My Very Educated Mother Just Served Me Nine." Nine what? Like that makes a whole lot of sense. I guess they could change Nine to Noodles. Today's question is what are your feelings on Pluto? Are you sad to see it go? And what should the "N" be now?


lauren and brad said...

How about, "My very excited mother just slapped my nose"...that is a little abusive. hmmm. what about, "My very educated man just started making ninjas". that's got a nice ring, whatcha think? :)

April said...

I am not sure what to think about the whole thing. Here I am having to explain to my 7-yr-old daughter why Pluto is no longer a planet after she has been studying the planets and the solar system. You think she is confused. I read that this had been in the making for about a year now. Poor Pluto. IN my eyes it will remain a planet because that is what my teachers taught and they are never wrong.

April said...

I meant to add this to my other comment. I think the "N" should stand for nothing since Pluto is no longer there.

erinleigh said...

I miss it already, I guess it will have to be "My Very Educated Mother Just Served Me Ninjas" whatever who cares. Katie stop now. I love you

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