Monday, August 28, 2006

No Emmy for Grey's

Sadly I just found out about the Emmy's yesterday morning or I might have thrown an Emmy party. Oh well, I did end up watching them. Conan was hilarious as usual. But the rest of the show wasn't that great. They only gave them like 10 seconds for speeches, which I don't like long speeches, but this was too short. None of them were able to say 5 words before the music started playing and they were whisked away. Also it seemed like a lot of people didn't agree with the winners. John Stewart won two awards, and both times said they picked the wrong person and it should've gone to the Colbert Report. I agree. Also Barry Manilow beat Steven Colbert for best actor in a variety series...Barry Manilow!...Come on. And Grey's not winning a single award for actors/actresses/writing.... That's preposterous. But I'm not the only who who feels this way. I think most of America probably agrees. The best part was the tribute to Dick Clark. I didn't know he had had a stroke and was recovering. But he was able to make a brief slurred speech, and I must admit I cried. Actors and actresses get to dress up for awards shows all the time but I think they should have fun awards for non-famous people. If they did what do you think they should be called and what should the award look like? How about The Normies (you know for just normal ordinary people??) and the statue can be a non-descript outline of male or female like on bathroom signs. I'll work on making that happen.

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April said...

I didn't watch the Emmys last night. I did read that they nominated an actress for a part in a movie in which she was only in the movie for 15 seconds. 15 seconds!! How can you even be nominated for an award of such a nature? I think they were just a little messed up this year. Maybe someone new was heading up the show. No telling.

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