Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Roach Hotel

Our apartment building is infested with roaches. And our poor landlady is trying to get rid of them but they won't die! They are mainly in the bathroom and kitchen so I think they are living in the pipes. First they were huge ones that I wouldn't even kill bc they were fast and scary. Then our landlady did one of those smoke bomb things to try to kill them. I thought it kind of helped bc I didn't see any big ones for awhile, but there were still tons of baby ones in the sinks and bathtub (P.S. you cannot drown a roach....I have tried many times in the shower) The other people in our building were still complaining too, so she got a professional exterminator to come and spray on Friday and he also put these gooey brown spots in the corners on the kitchen and bathroom and the roaches are supposed to eat it and die within 30 days. 30 days! That's a long time and the sad part is I am used to them now. I check the toilet before I use it and I have no problem with killing 2-10 roaches in the shower every morning. We are not friends though. I still loathe them. Here are some disturbing facts I found out about them through the world wide web:
1. They have 18 knees at least
2. They can hold their breath for 40 minutes (that explains the can't drown them thing)
3. There are 5000 species of them
4. Some female roaches mate once and are pregnant for the rest of their lives
5. They can live a week without their heads
6. They can run up to 3 miles per hour

So today's question is have you had a roach problem and what did you do to annihilate them?


JayJenny said...

I have to say, I've never even seen a roach. I'm sure there are some in Michigan, but thankfully I've never had to see one. You poor thing, I can't imagine!
Good luck!

Mom I said...

We had a roach problem in our duplex in Tulsa back in the late 70s. They were gross. Our landlord brought in an exterminator too. I didn't keep any food in the house while we had the problem because I didn't want to take the chance of eating roach tainted food. We just ate at my mother in laws house all the time. Glad you made it home safe. Can't wait to see in tomorrow. Love ya

lauren and brad said...

so...thats just disgusting. the only roach problem i've ever had was when i was at your house for dinner and there was one in the oven timer. ew. my uncle used to swear by leaving a glass of wine out on the counter. apparently that kills them?!?!

Erin said...

Justin's house had roaches when he first moved in. He kept all of the food out of the house, tried to clean as much as possible, and of course he bug bombed the house 2-3 times and had a professional come out. Oh, and he sprayed all the baseboards down with roach killer. You should ask him about it tonight at church. He might have some good tips for you... sorry you have bugs... :(

April said...

The only thing I can tell you is have an exterminator come out every 3-6 months. The others were right about keeping food out of the house. I have actually seen a house infested with very little and they got into the fridge. Just be sure to keep lids tight on foods and clean before going to bed, so they don't have anything to eat on. Good luck and I am sorry you have that problem.

Monique said...

When my sister-in-law lived with us, she brought roaches that were apparently in her moving boxes. John and I went crazy, and spent over $100 in order to terminate them. The guy came out and sprayed. That was two years ago. Thankfully they all died, and I haven't seen one since. But if I ever do, there'll be trouble.

Mike said...

BUMMER!! We had those things in Oklahoma, too! I think Roaches like the "grand land" Oklahoma! Perhaps you could turn this bad experience into something positive until the 30 days is up.
1. Catch them and paint their backs with nail polish so they will look good!
2. Capture some of the really big ones and race them against each other! Invite your friends over to make it more fun!
3. Teach them tricks for entertainment.
4. Enter the biggest one in the State Fair and try for a Blue Ribbon.
5. Put little saddles on them and, using little Leggo men, make a Roach Rodeo.
6. Stand them up against a wall with their 18 knees tied behind their backs, with blindfolds, and let Ryan shoot them with a rubberband gun.
7. Paint numbers on the backs of each one you catch and see how high the count gets to be.
8. Learn to play the Flute and see if they will follow you out the door and down the street to the river.

Maybe you can think of some more fun to have with them??

Krista said...

Wow...Mike is very creative in his approach to the whole roach problem. If you take him up on any of his ideas please take pictures. haha. I would love to see them!

I've never had a roach problem but one time I found a baby snake in our kitchen. It had come up through a vent. I put it in a plastic sandwich bag and went and held it over my roommates head as I woke her up. We weren't friends that day! haha.

kmom said...

The first apartment I lived in with a friend after graduating from college got roaches in the kitchen. An exterminator came and that worked. The apartment I lived in after marrying got roaches in the kitchen. An exterminator came and that worked. The whole building needs to be treated or they will come back. Good luck! Sometimes Seymour, your dog, has a roach in his waterbowl.

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