Monday, September 04, 2006

I've Kissed a Murderer

This morning right after we woke up and turned on the TV, we saw the news that Steve Irwin had been killed. At first I really thought it was a joke. But then I realized it was not. Ironically he was not killed by a crocodile, but by a stingray. Stingrays are not very dangerous creatures as only 17 people have ever been killed by them. I in fact kissed one in Grand Caymen while we were touring stingray city. But somehow a man, who I would consider to be very lucky with animals, was killed by the stingray's barb that went straight into his heart when he swam over it. I've always thought he was an odd man and a little over enthusiatic, but I grew to love him as I saw probably every episode he has done, thanks to one of my college roommates who loved him dearly. We did countless impersonations of him. Crikey, he even named his daughter after his favorite crocodile (that's really true). My heart goes out to his wife and children. There will never be another like him, I am sure.


April said...

I found out about his untimely death about 11pm last night. At that time it was only a rumor in the making until about 10 minutes later when it was reported as true. I thought for sure his fate would be in the hands of a croc or snake. My heart also goes out to his family and friends.

Mom I said...

I was sad to hear about it too. I think everybody expected him to go tragically because of his profession, but its still very sad. His poor wife and children. He was very entertaining thats for sure.

April said...

I just read an article where it states he pulled out the barb before passing out and dying. Do you wonder if he had just let the thing stay put he might have made it? I do now. They said the worse part is pulling out the barb not the going in. I guess I am too shocked.

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