Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The Laborious Weekend

I had a great Labor Day weekend. On Friday we went to Seminole with Lauren and Brad. We ate at Chili's and then headed to the Seminole vs. Wewoka High School Football game. Her parents were running the chains, so we went to support them. Apparently Wewoka is their biggest rival, but they got creamed and had one arrest, one quit, and about ten injuries. The picture below shows us sneaking into the game through someone's backyard gate, through their clothesline, and into the end zone. Classy, I know.After the game we went back to their house and hung out. Their dog Cali had left surprises for us all over the living room carpet. I took a picture, but was told it was inappropriate to post so you will just have to imagine the nastiness of it all. The next day Lauren and I went to Walls, which is a major discount closeout store. For example some items were 9 cents + 90% off = less than one cent. I bought a few things....how can you not when it's sooo cheap?! Plus it was bucket day so anything you can fit in a farm bucket was half off. Another classy moment in my weekend.
Then we hurried home to shower up and drive to Stillwater for the first OSU football game of the season. I had never been to a college game and it was very exciting. We tailgated with her parents, who were so nice to buy our tickets. OSU beat Missouri 52-10. I also saw something I never thought I would.....males in the colorguard (the people who twirl flags in the marching band.) Missouri had 2 or 3 of them. I found it quite interesting.

Here are Lolo and I showing our cowboy support in orange.

And our silly husbands.....or maybe just silly Ryan.

On Sunday we churched and napped. Yesterday we hit the sales at Target for a new dining room carpet and some clothes. Then we saw Little Miss Sunshine. I think it's the best movie of the year. It's HILARIOUS! I can't emphasize that enough. I almost peed my pants laughing. It's a dark comedy about a quirky family traveling across country in a VW bus to get their young sister to a beauty pageant. You just have to see it, but it is rated R for language. Then last night we went to dinner at Lauren's grandma's house. She is very sweet, just like the rest of Lauren's family that I feel I was adopted into this weekend! We had a lot of fun and although we didn't Labor much, it was still a great holiday! Today's question is what did you do for Labor Day?


lauren and brad said...

I was with you! :)

Thanks for hanging out with my crazy family this week-end! We were sooooo happy to have you!

Hopefully dad convinced you to become a "poke" (another nostalgic nickname for the cowboys)!!!

Mom I said...

Sounds like you had a fun weekend. Ry, are you going to get addicted to football? You can tell me, I promise I won't tell Dad. Boy, ya can't beat a sale when things cost less than a penny. They would have to pay you to let you out of the store. I labored a little bit on labor day. After walking all morning, I cleaned out my laundry room (WEEEEE!) and then got ready for our barbque with Grandma, Grandpa, the Kronewitters and Jack Way. We had a great visit. Missed you guys though.

Carrie M said...

We didn't do much except work around our house on Labor day. But I had to tell you that we have the exact same Target rug sitting under our dining room table! Anyway, we love you both. Carrie

Mom I said...

I thought that rug looked familiar. You girls have such good taste.

lizcannon said...

I know you don't know me, but I am Lauren's awesome and best cousin (the one that jsut got married)... and I jsut wanted to say that I am jealous you got to eat at Gram's house. But welcome to the family anyway :)!

Kira said...

I thought Little Miss Sunshine was funny but odd. But I must say that you liked it more than I.

Also those sorry Missourians.

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