Monday, September 25, 2006

What I Will Miss.....

Friday was my last day at the job I have had for 3.5 years as an intern and then full time. Throughout those years I have worked with 2 girls just about every day. If not at Chateau, then in the interior design lab at OC while we were students. People you spend that much time with, like it or not, become your best friends. When you spend 40 hours a week with someone they know all about your life and you know all about theirs. Luckily we like each other anyway so we don't have to be friends by default! :) We have faced dating, break ups, project presentations, arguments, and family problems and told each other in detail about them all. They even drove 10 hours to my wedding and back the next day! I have laughed and cried with them. We don't always see eye to eye, but no friends ever do. I am missing them this morning as I am not walking into our office space. In honor of them I will list some of my favorite memories with them over the past 3.5 years:
1. Eating a whole bag of oreos in the ID lab and staying up late to go to Kinkos at midnight
2. Moving all of the inventory to the new building
3. The question book on trips to Dallas
4. Amanda trying to kill us by stopping on train tracks while a train is coming
5. Sharon throwing her whistles
6. Amanda taping her hair
7. California Pizza Kitchen
8. Getting reamed out by Danny Labruzzo
9. Office potluck parties
10. Rearranging office spaces for the hundreth time
11. The spider in the conference room
12. Talking in the mornings before we are in our work mode.

I will miss you Amanda and Sister Sharon and I look forward to our future lunch dates!!


Amanda said...

AHHH... Katie, I miss you so much and I haven't even been at work for a full day with out you!!! One of the things i will miss is you at our "coming to Jesus" moments with SMT and you bluntly telling her what you thought! You were great at that. I admire you for your honesty in situations that REALLY DO matter. Even though we were NEVER and STILL aren't listened to.

I will miss you on our trend retreats ( like we ever really did them) work simply won't be the same with out you...

I love you and can't wait to see you next. Have fun in New York...


PS: by the way we got a fax today about the fabric for the samples... and they won't be here (and by here.. I mean the USA) until Thursday... and I leave Sunday for HP set up. Pray for us ... PLEASE ...we need all the strength and patience we can get! :)

lauren and brad said...

I miss those girls too! They were the only bright spot in that dark dark place! :)

Hope you are having a blast in NYC you non-working woman! xoxoxoxo

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