Thursday, September 14, 2006

Where's Waccabuc?

Waccabuc is outside of New York City and is where Erin, my best friend since the age of 3, lives as a professional nanny. I am also going there in less than 2 weeks and am sooooo excited!!! It's been almost a whole year since I have seen her! But time is no factor in our friendship. When you have been friends for 20 years you can always pick up right where you left off. Now that I am in between jobs it is the perfect time to go visit her. And my wonderful husband doesn't mind me leaving him for 6 days to do that. I dedicate this post to her and will list some of my favorite memories with her:
1. Having boyfriends that were brothers in preschool and planning our futures with them
2. Being teachers' pets and sitting at the picnic table in kindergarten
3. John Stockton
4. Wayner
5. MSYC in the summers with Sheila and the pretty pad fairies
6. Prank calls
7. Youth Group mischief.....mainly the Blair Witch
8. Booneville and the alien tracking device and cold lasagna
9. Modeling the latest fashions from Jerry's Sportswear in the fashion show
10. Visiting OC together and almost getting lost in the rain
11. Facing and creating high school drama together
12. "Erin and Katie Fun Days"
13. Synchronized swimming routines
14. Visiting each other on college breaks
15. Having you stand by my side on my wedding day

Today's question is do you have close friends that live far away and how often do you get to see them?

P.S. So as not to cause confusion, I also love my other bff, Celeste, dearly and will post about her another time. She is a wonder woman who is busy slaving away at a hospital AND going to grad school while giving herself a brain tumor. I miss her so, but I am sure I will see her one day on Grey's Anatomy. :)


Erin Leigh said...

I cannot wait for you to see my new life, and I cannot wait to hear all about yours. You will not believe your face. I love you...CANT WAIT

Michelle Young said...

Hey we got a puppy, he's soooo adorable. His name is Baxter. He's going to live at my parents house until we move, but he'll probably come visit on the weekends. It's so fun....Abby is my close friend that lives all the way in Portland, it's almost been a year since I've seen her....have fun in Missori~!

Mom I said...

Of course my bf (not counting Rick) was Linda. We had a 26 year history. And she, like your Erin, didn't let time or miles ever come between our friendship. After not seeing each other for months or years, we always just stepped into it when we were together. Miss her sooo much. Can't wait to see you guys tonight. Drive carefully.

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