Monday, October 23, 2006

Baby Steps

Well I have started tackling that to do list that I was so unmotivated to do. This weekend I printed 206 photos at the Kodak kiosk at Walmart. It only took 30 minutes and $56 to print all of them. Pretty fast! That covers the last year and a half of our lives. Then I came home and put them in an album. It felt wonderful to check that off of my list. Here is one of my favorite pics that went in the album that Ryan had never seen. That Violet is such a ham!
On Friday night we went to Incredible Pizza with the Matts, Kira, and the boys. It's similar to Chucky Cheese but bigger. Kira got the jackpot on one of the games and we screamed and cheered like some 10 year olds. It was fun. Ryan and I played some games and got a bunch of tickets that we gave to the boys since all we could get with that many was a pencil. On Sunday afternoon I worked a lot on the 4's curriculum visuals I volunteered to do at church. Then I started feeling bad and came home with a temperature of 101. So I am at home today making sure it doesn't get any worse. I really don't want to go to the doctor.

Also this weekend we were very sad that we could not attend the 30th anniversary party for Ryan's parents in Oregon. But we love them very much and wish them 30 more years of happiness! Today's question is what is the longest you have gone without printing your digital pictures?


Allison said...

I hope you feel better!

Anonymous said...

Ummm so I really don't print my pictures out ever.....I printed our honeymoon pictures out about a week shy of our 1 year.....let me know if you need anything tonight!

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