Thursday, October 19, 2006

The Blog Wars are On

If you haven't read my dear friend and neighboring cousin's latest post entitled "Advice" I suggest you click here to read it first before you read the rest of this. The paragraph in which he states: "Last night I was at a friend’s house going over recent life events and she started offering her crazy advice up freely," the friend with "crazy" advice is me. Then he goes on to bash how I do not follow my own advice. If you want to know what my advice was and what my response his rashness was, you can click on his comments box.

Anyway in his blog he says that he is "a why and not a how person. I question everything." In response to that, I sometimes want to know the why, but overall I feel that a lot of times there legitimately is no answer to that question. I find the question of "Why?" to be overrated. That one word causes people to overanalyze things and eventually come up with BS answers. Psychologists might say by answering "why" that you find some deeper meaning within yourself. I think by searching for some kind of answer you are adding on more problems and more questions that are unnecessary and may or may not really exist. Why is my favorite color yellow? I don't know it just is. Could I come up with an answer about my temperament relating to the hue and saturation of this color? Yes but chances are that is just bologna.

In 7th grade we had to write a whole journal entry on our favorite tree. Seriously, like a 13 year old has a favorite tree and a whole page to write about it. I just made up a story because I guess my favorite tree is a weeping willow, but I have nothing more to say after that. So my creative brain came up with a wonderful story about how my grandmother had a weeping willow and she used to read to me under it and blah blah. My teacher LOVED it, gave me an A, and told my dad about it, to which I believe he had to tell her I was just making it up. The same with analyzing poetry and literature. Why does the author say this? Why does the protagonist act in this way? All of those papers written in English Lit and Philosophy are bologna, because there is no way of knowing for sure why the author did what he did. You can hypothesize and analyze all you want but unless you come up with the same answer as the teacher or text are wrong.

So to you, dear Matty Tat Tat, my new "crazy" advice is to not go searching for the why's so much, or you will end up with a bunch of hog wash and poppycock answers that were just educated guesses to your queries that will end up causing you more worry and stress. Just accept that there may be no answer. And will I follow my own advice next time I ask "why"? Probably not, but you can criticize me about that in another one of your posts.

(P.S. Please do not think I am harboring ill will against dear Matty. He knows this was all in good fun :) Because one could honestly say that by writing a blog on Why I do not like the question "why," I have already refuted myself and basically admitted this post is hogwash and poppycock)


Mike said...

WOW!! :)

First of all.....bologna is not's sort of pink.
Second of all....if I had been your Dad, I would NOT have ratted you out!
Third of are absolutely right about buying troubles by adding all the "why's" to an already menial existence. Remember "KISMIF"? (Keep it simple, make it fun)? Well, the Good Book says, "Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.
Matthew 6:32" As our preacher said in his sermon two weeks ago, "It's all good".

So! Keep life simple. Enjoy unfamiliarity. Embrace challenges. Avoid worry. Listen to good advice. Make it fun.

(I don't always listen to my own advice, either!)

Mr. T said...

I will ALWAYS enjoy your hogwash and poppycock advice.

kmom said...

The "whys" to life and the "gray" areas (not definitely right or wrong things) can tangle up one's mind. The conclusion is fear God and keep his commandments. Ecclesisastes 12:13.

Kassi (LOVA) (Stricklin) Crawford said...

Oh Katie. You are quite humorous. I hadn't read your blog in so long. Here's some advice straight from the horse's mouth....Make a rock with his name on it and mail it to him :-) That's my advice and there is loads more where that came from. Hope all is well in OKC. Love you guys!

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