Thursday, October 12, 2006

Boob Tube Talk

I never understood why the TV is called a boob tube but if anyone knows please leave a comment. Anyway, I haven't blogged in awhile about the shows I am currently addicted to (or the books I am reading, but that will be a later post I guess). So it's about time I fill you in on the trash that fills my mind whilst I remain unmotivated laying in my bed.

1. Grey's Anatomy. So far the season is off to a great start. I wasn't for Mer and Der last season and still am unsure which doc I want her to fall for (leaning towards McVet) but I love that she is making them vie for her. Still don't like Callie and George. I want to cry for Izzie every episode and I hope she can come back. I think Bailey is going to show us a new side this season. I love this show and watch it with Lolo.

2. Project Runway. The finale is on Wed!!! This season hasn't been my favorite, but it has still been good. None of them have completely won me over with their drama (i.e. Austin Scarlet and Santino) or their talent, although the top 4 are all good. I think I want Michael to win (but only if he accepts me as his friend on Myspace) but I do like Laura and Uli too. Jeffrey isn't really my taste and by the looks of last night's preview with him crying, he may not even be showing his collection. I can't wait until next Wednesday to find out though! Vincent was the worst and I think I need to add Tim Gunn onto my list of people I want to meet. I want to adopt him.

3. Laguna. I said I wouldn't do it, but I did. I got sucked into this ridonculous season of spoiled cry babies and I do not make any apologies for it. The show is supposed to be about Tessa but the poor girl has no drama to follow. Kendra is the real drama queen star and I hate her. Her friends are so mean and it makes for great TV. Last week's episode was my favorite in which Rocky and Alex exchanged very awkward "I love you's" on their Valentine's date while Cameron said stupid "gnarly" things about Tyler and Tyler and Kendra had a great falling out that ended with him saying "I'm done talking to you bc you are basically really annoying." I hope someday I can tell someone that to their face. Ah teenage drama.

I have been slacking on my 48 Hours Mystery but that isn't a series that you have to keep up with weekly. I don't want to add any other shows to my list because I need to keep reading and eventually become motivated to do all those things on my list. I at least changed Jasper's water today. Now he has more than 2" of water to swim in. Today's question is what shows are you watching this season?


Mom I said...

I am hooked on Dancing With The Stars and Biggest Loser. Poor Rick quietly suffers through those two shows. But two shows we watch together (and I'm almost embarrased to admit we watch) are Desperate Housewives and Boston Legal. Boston Legal pushed the envelope this week so we'll see how I feel about it next week. Course we both love Extreme Home Makeover. But if I had extended cable I'd have it on HGTV and TLC all the time. Just can't get enough of that stuff.

kmom said...


Carrie M said...

Deffinatly Grey's! We are also hooked on Boston Legal and because I'm a total looser, I never miss an episode of Everyday Italian on the Food Network. We are also still watching Gilmore Girls this season, but we have to tape it every week because it comes on right at the boys bed time. Ah, parenthood. Love you guys,

April said...

Ok I am so hooked on CSI:Las Vegas, Medium, and anything on A&E. I watch 48 hours only when they are not showing Memphis. I find it interesting that the same people I watch on Memphis news ends up being broadcasted over the US. You guys take care.

Lor K said...

I love Greys, and I am still trying to decide if I am happy she chose McDreamy. I do like George and Callie. I just wish George would get it together and like her more. And I am totally with you no the Izzie thing. I just want to cry everytime I see her, and last night was NO DIFFERENT. That message he left was too sweet and sad. I also watch Desperate Housewives and Deal or No Deal. And I usually have to watch The Office, because Troy watches it. I can't wait for the next American Idol.

Mr. T said...

Prison Break, Studio 60, Friday Night Lights, 30 Rock, The Office, Ugly Betty, Greys Anatomy, 6-degrees, Desperate Housewives and Brothers & Sisters.

Yes I watch them all thanks to technology that lets me record them all or watch them online during my lunch break.

ktsdad said...

NCIS, Numbers, Ugly Betty and (when, in season) Monk and Psyched and, of course, American Idol.

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