Saturday, October 14, 2006

Congrats Mr. and Mrs. Cornell!!

Today was my dear friend Erin's wedding (not the one in NY but the one in OKC). I met Erin with my roomate my first year at OC. She and her roomate were our first freshmen friends! Then later on Erin and I lived together. We have had many great memories together and I wish her and Justin the best of luck!! The wedding went smoothly and beautifully, and I only bawled for a little bit when she walked down the aisle. I'm such a sap these days. I didn't get a good shot of the bride and groom but I did get one of all us lovely ladies.
Yesterday we had the bridal luncheon and got our nails done. At the luncheon we were all supposed to give Erin some marriage advice. Being the wise old married lady that I am, I am not that great at giving advice yet....especially on the spot. So in honor of her, (not only is she a friend but also a faithful reader of this blog) today's question is what is the best advice you think a newlywed should know?


Mom I said...

You guys looke beautiful. That blue looks like the exact blue Lauras bridesmaids wore. Love the boleros too. My advice would be "Whenever one of your husbands faults starts to really really bug you, make a list of 3 of your own faults that he has to put up with". Nobodys perfect and we have to love each other anyway.

April said...

Very beautiful picture!
Seeing how my marriage has fallen apart, I am afraid to give advice. If there is one thing I can say it would have to be to not give up. Life is full of challenges, and if you both stick together they will be easy to overcome.

lauren and brad said...

Remember that marriage is a have to tend to it every day. Every garden gets weeds, but careful tending will keep your garden beautiful!

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