Sunday, October 29, 2006

Flea Market Finds

I will blog about all of our weekend Branson adventures later. But we just got back and thanks to Daylight Savings I am ready to go to sleep at 9:30pm. We did get to go to a few of the flea market stores while we were there, and the choicest item we found can be seen in the picture below. Yes, for only $15 we could've been the proud owneres of an autographed Sally Jesse sweatshirt. We passed on buying it, but not from taking a picture of it :)Today's question is what is one of the choicest items you have found at a flea market?


Lor K said...

I am shocked you didn't steal this Sally sweathshirt right up. That is a find. I can't recall any flea market purchases that stick out in my mind. But I do like to go to them.

Mom I said...

I love my brown ceramic vase I got at a flea market at the coast. It was only $5.00 and I'll bet its worth $500.00. Someday I'll take it to Antique Roadshow and Dad and I will retire on my fortune. I love going to flea markets and antique stores. Sometimes its a very fine line between the two.

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