Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Judge not lest ye be judged....

I haven't psoted of the details of the horrendous layover from Hades, because I am trying to forget the whole experience. I did meet some nice people though and even happend to ironically bump into one of them at the mall last weekend. When I smiled and waved though he looked puzzled. I assume he didn't recognize me because in all of the time we spent together I had my hair pulled back, hadn't showered in over 24 hours, had on frumpy sweats and no makeup. Oh well I still found it funny that I saw him. I will share one story though......

After standing in a customer service line that was longer than one at six flags, the people around me (who become your close friends when you are all stranded together) said I should really just cut to the front of the United counter line that had a flight to OKC leaving soon. Even though those United people had already told me to go stand in the customer service line, the flight was leaving soon, and I REALLY wanted to get home. Whatever. So I got in the back of the line and told every person my story and they were all saying "be aggressive just go to the front." So I did and they put me on stand by, then last call for OKC, then calling out stand by names, then closing the gate door, then none of the stand by names show up, they call my name, they re open the gate door, I scream and cry and run on the plane. I look back and, no lie, like a scene from a movie about 20 people were cheering and clapping for me. I get on the plane out of breath and sit down and call Ryan to tell him I got on a flight. We get to the runway and it starts hailing.

Of course it will let up soon. I live in Oklahoma and know that storms pass. Not this one. For 3 hours I sat on that plane while it thundered, hailed, lighteninged, and verified that my chances of seeing my husband that night were hopeless. During those 3 hours I sat next to an elderly man from Edmond. He was very nice and talkative and I was glad that he was yapping on and on because it kept me from crying as much. These are the things that progressed in our conversation........
1. He was flying back from Taiwan
2. He is hoping to have a liver transplant there
3. He has a vacation home there
4. His wife is from there
5. He is a retired truck driver
6. He was married 37 years
7. They got divorced
8. He retired from truck driving due to health problems (at this point I will leave out the details of his health condition, but he explained them to me in detail including the color of his stool)
9. He vacationed in Taiwan to see an old war friend
10. He had different escorts every night when they went out (and he told me this with no shame, but I assume an escort there is the same as an escort here????)
11. The last night his escort was the woman he is now married to
12. She spoke no English but "her eyes said so much"

At this point he shows me a picture of her and she looks my age and is gorgeous. And I know love can happen between different ages and decades of people, but then he shows me pics of her friends and their husbands and tells me how old they all are. All of them are young and their husbands are 70-80. He was so nice but the more and more he went into this story the more molested I felt. It was just all so odd. They were supposed to move to Taiwan but as soon as she got to America she didn't want to leave (of course...maybe that's why she was interested in you in the first place?) Anyway maybe I am being judgmental but the more I heard the more I wanted him to stop talking and to get off the plane. When we did I was just hoping he didn't sleep next to me in the airport. And he didn't, I didn't even see him the next day.

Today's question is have you ever sat next to someone on a plane who gave you too much info ? Also how do you tell a stranger that his wife just wants an American sugar daddy?


kmom said...

Great true story! I think I know why that man was divorced.

lauren and brad said...

I love that story! I am so glad you blogged about it. hmmmm. I too have "the curse" as my hubbie calls it. No matter where we go, people are drawn to me to tell me explicit info on their life. However, it has improved now that I travel alone less often. I think my advice is to be one of those that brings a pillow, i-pod, and eye-mask and shuts out the world. :) But then, what would we blog about? xoxox
P.S. I am stinkin' it up as a b/f/f...will you please forgive?

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