Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Music is my best friend's boyfriend

Well I did get my luggage last night and I started my new job today but more importantly here are a few pics of the weekend. I will put them all in my yahoo photos soon so you can click the link to the side in a few days to see those. The camera was acting up so I didn't get too many shots. The highlights of my wonderful trip were:
1. The beautiful autumn trees. Waccabuc is beautiful...and in the middle of nowhere.
2. Getting pedicures and massages by amazon women. My toes are Big Apple Red and my muscles might be permanently bruised.
3. Hanging with the kiddos.....they are pretty funny
4. Going to see The Last Kiss and Little Miss Sunshine.
5. Driving around NY and CT doing errands with Erin and listening to the green little ipod.
6. Eating John Jaysters, canolis, and black and white cookies
7. Shopping in Soho, eating in Little Italy, and having my palm read.
8. Deciding randomly to go see Blue Man Group. You just have to experience that one for yourself. But I will say I was almost strangled by toilet paper and had my ear ripped off.
9. Our Bangladesh bi-polar cab driver who sang in Spanish.
10. Running throush Grand central Station so we didn't miss our train
11. Reminiscing on the H-Town days in a mexican restaurant
12. Watching the first season of Weeds on DVD ("Little boxes made of ticky tacky...." that song has been in my head for over 3 days)
13. Going to Olivia's renaissance/scooby doo/narnia/mad scientist birthday party
14. Spending time doing nothing in particualr with my bffHere we are in Grand Central Station (I'm trying to look my best even though I had puked my guts up that morning so give me a break.)


Lor K said...

EVERYTHING! I love that you can walk for hours and never get bored. The smells, whether good or bad, that just make it NYC (i.e all the restraunts mixed with the oh so yucky smell coming up from the subway vents), 5th Avenue, Central Park, Broadway, etc, etc, etc.! I can't wait until I get to back someday.
Glad you made it home Katie. Sounds like you had a great time.
Love ya

Sally said...

I'm so glad you got to see the Blue Man group. I went to see them in Boston and it was fun and very interesting. The toilet paper trick was really cool. I'm glad to hear you are doing well!

Anonymous said...

The Blue Man Group is a fun experience! I love the musicals in NYC, they are my favorite! And of course everything else in the Big Apple! Just let me know when you want to catch up on Laguna, hope your new job is going good! I missed you!!!Michelle

lauren and brad said...

I have to agree with lor k. I love everything about the N-Y-Cizzle. the restaurants (no chains!), the bagels, the people-watching, the endless wandering possibilities, the fact that there are one MILLION things to do every single day, how everyone looks important, and the little niches where kids play, people relax, and there still in the middle of Manhattan!

Anonymous said...

I like the uniqueness of the city. The fact it's alive 24-hours a day. The tall buildings. The clash of cultures. The variety of things to do. The celebrity-ness of it all.

Mom I said...

That you can walk forever and not run out of interesting things (people) to look at. I also loved the Broadway plays I've seen. I hope Rick and I can go back again someday. Too bad Gano and Dawn won't be there though. So glad you and your luggage are home safe. Love ya,

April said...

I loved the tall buildings, bustling of the people, and just walking around is an adventure. You just never grow tired of what is in front of you. I also was laughing at the people who had to pay $450/ month just to park a car. I heard that is cheap.

Kira said...

Almost the only "Big" City that I have not been to yet. Hope to make it there next fall.

But I wish I were stuck in O'Hare for 22 hours. Not really - but I would have left the airport as you are probably aware - so not as bad for me as it was for you - I feel for your experience FOR REAL!

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