Thursday, November 16, 2006

I promise we both have college degrees....

So this is what happend at Lauren and Brad's tonight before our viewing of Grey's. We were watching the end of Survivor and apparently this season it is on the Cook Islands.

Lo: Where are the Cook Islands?
Brad: You don't know where the Cook Islands are?
Katie and Lo: No where?
Brad: You know Captain Cook?
Katie and Lo: (snickering softly because we are thinking the same thing)
Lo: You mean Captain Hook!
Brad:'t you learn anything in school? Do you know who Henry Hudson is?
Katie and Lo at the same time: The pub?
Brad (rolling his eyes in the "I know everything about history and had a superior education in Oregon" way): Captain Cook was a world explorer who founded the islands in the South Pacific. Henry Hudson was also a famous explorer, hence the Hudson River.

So today's question is have you ever heard of Captain Cook? I vaguely remember the Hudson's been awhile since I have had a history class.


Erin Cornell said...

I'm with you, I don't know of a Captain I guess my PA education is not that great either. I do know of Henry Hudson but probably would have thought of the pub first too!

Mom I said...

I'm one of those "superior education in Oregon" types too. I remember studying Captain Cook in history but I couldn't tell you diddly about him. Education is wasted on the young.

kmom said...

I don't remember hearing of either one and I had a superior education being raised in the north (Mich)

Rachel said...

I've heard of Hudson but never Captain Cook.

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