Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Identity Theft

Last August I did a post about Celebrity twins. Well I have found two more that I felt I needed to share with the world.

On Heroes the other night one of the actresses (left) looked a lot like my "sister" Sara (right).

Also Jim Cramer (left) from Mad Money looks like my Uncle Randy (right).

Who do you know that looks like someone famous or who do you look like that is famous? If you don't think you look like anyone famous you should click here and post a picture of yourself and this website tells you who look like. I didn't agree with most of my matches but it's fun to do! These are the people they matched me with.


Kassi said...

Happy Birthday Katie! Recently I have got that I look like Vanessa Carlton and Elsa Benitez (who mind you is Latina) People see some weird things. You do look like Gaby Hoffman! Wow! How come I never saw that before! My Dad is is a spitting image of Fred Flinstone! That's all I can think of for now.

April said...

Happy Birthday, Katie!! I really don't think I look like any celebrity. I am just me. But as for you, Catherine Zeta-Jones!!?? Good for you. I need to go put my little ones to bed before they get too restless. Good night.

kmom said...

You might look like number 7.

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